Steele to Priebus: ‘Karma’s A B**ch’


DC: Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele thinks Reince Priebus got exactly what he earned when he was ousted as White House chief of staff Friday.

“This is the bed Reince has been making for himself since he was my general counsel,” Steele told The Atlantic in a Sunday story. “He’s a guy who’s always positioned himself for the next thing. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?”

Priebus campaigned against Steele for the chairmanship in 2011, in what was then a shocking challenge from an old friend. The party was fresh off big wins during the 2010 midterm elections, but Steele’s reported mismanagement of the party led then-chief legal counsel of the party, Priebus, to use his experience in Wisconsin politics.  more here

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  1. Just to remind folks, Steele left the RNC in debt, ignored the Tea Party and was ousted for incompetence.

  2. I remember Steele saying it was raaaaaacist to oppose Obama. That was when I stopped paying attention to anything he had to say.

  3. Hadn’t seen or heard from Steele in years, and just a week or two ago, he showed up on MSNBC or CNN talking smack about President Trump, so he can ESAD.

  4. The country club RINOs thought it was a good idea to have a black RNC Chairman since there was a black President.

    Steele didn’t possess the skill, knowledge or experience. He was elevated well beyond his abilities.

    The country club RINOs and the voting public screwed the pooch by elevating two incompetent boobs, obama and steele.

  5. Don’t dis The Stooges. They had more talent IN their BMs than these BMs contain in their entirety.
    The entire GOP has been begging for a headslap for years. And they dare beg me for money!

  6. Rince and Repeatus was hired for his ability with finance. The first thing a Washington politician does (Trump included) is get ready for re-election. That takes money. Now that he’s gotten finance in order, his job is finished.

  7. Priebus Always reminded me of the guy who wants to appease everyone, so he can be in their circles.

    He straddled so many fences, he lost his footing.

    People eventually figured out that he is a spineless phoney. He is a quiet, sneaky Chris Christy.

  8. Chief legal counsel for the NEC? Never viewed the Preebs as having any kind of ‘legal mind’–more like an ambulance chaser!!!

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