Stein Slams Hillary For Joining Her Recount


Jill Stein’s recount is slipping into the bizarre.

It’s Liberals’ last chance to overthrow Trump’s historic win. So all the crazies are joining forces.

One problem: The crazy Liberals don’t seem to like each other. 


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24 Comments on Stein Slams Hillary For Joining Her Recount

  1. I think it’s likely misdirection but then again maybe Jill doesn’t want to share all that “donated” cash she’ll have in her damp little hands.

  2. It begs the question why Stein wants a recount at all if not for Hillary’s benefit? It is also curious how she keeps upping her funding requirements by $2 million every time she reaches her goal. Last I checked, she was asking for $7 million.
    I’m thinking she just wants to keep Hillary’s greedy little hands out of her greener than usual coffers, or that she fears the democrats will expect her to spend the money on an actual recount.

  3. Im waiting for the golden moment when the RoboDonor of Soros sends the message back….”fund transfer cancelled, insufficient funds available”. Like when the Russians get the world courts to seize Soros’s assets worldwide for damages across the world resulting from his felonies. Goodness knows our friend Barky would never do that on pain of death, his own.

  4. Tim Caine will become “ill” and Hillary will offer Stein his VP slot if the recount is successful. It’s the lefty dream come true-an all wimmin ticket! Clintonstein!!! A candidate rising from the dead who needs a shock of electricity and naps to get through the day.

  5. Stein just got the heady feel of skads of money rolling into her coffers–you know, her own “Stein Crime Family Foundation” in the making, and she likes it too much to say no.

  6. The “crazies” are only pretending to dislike each other. The collusion between Jill Stein and Team Hillary was becoming way too obvious. Jill Stein is now afraid that someone with a lick of sense will FOLLOW THE MONEY back to George Soros, the Saudis, and Team Hillary.

  7. So Stein ran hard against Hillary, then started a recount to help Hillary, and now she’s slamming Hillary for joining her recount effort. Rag doll Hillary didn’t even get jerked around that bad by Comey.

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