Steny Hoyer Won’t Commit to Floor Vote on Impeachment Proceedings – IOTW Report

Steny Hoyer Won’t Commit to Floor Vote on Impeachment Proceedings


House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has signaled he will not commit to House Democrats voting this week to formalize their secret impeachment inquiry, even after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said a vote is expected to take place on Thursday.

“We’re going to have to consider whether or not it’s ready to go on Thursday. I hope that’s the case,” Hoyer told reporters on Tuesday when asked about the planned vote. read more

24 Comments on Steny Hoyer Won’t Commit to Floor Vote on Impeachment Proceedings

  1. He’s another corrupt POS probably long on the chi comm payroll.

    AG Barr:save our Republic, before we have to save it the hard way.

  2. Hoyer is trying to provide cover to Pelosi who is trying to provide cover to this secret trial impeachment farce and everyone is tying to figure out how to get their hands unstuck from the tarbaby the left launched to try to get the public’s attention away from the highly illegal some would say treachery of the fake FISA warrants. Having said this Barr better start arresting and perp walking some high ups pretty damn soon or the people who started this and other frauds to dethrone a sitting President will walk.

  3. Yeah, after they’ve already brought their fake witnesses in for questioning, then have a vote to formalize it all. Make it look legit after the fact.

    How the hell can anyone think we’re ever going to coexist with these assholes.

  4. Steny Hoyer…….I looked that name up in a medical book and the definition is quote: A large pus filled nodule.

  5. I have a question: Why are the individuals being questioned by these morons not wired and then after testifying they could publish the testimony on the internet? That would provide documentation of what is going on behind closed doors.

  6. Scared shitless.
    He’d rather eat a bucket of Pelosi’s shit on nationwide TV than bring about a vote.
    A vote would expose the farce.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. He doesn’t want to launch that ship because it has more holes in it than a heroin addict.

    Put up or shut up, Donks. You don’t get to remove the President in a star chamber. Vote so we can all point and laugh at the clown act. Then we can move on to the important business of re-electing PDJT and watching you all die of a stroke.

  8. Pelosi expects the blue dogs to be good soldiers but they know what she’s done to blue dogs in the past. They don’t want to be cannon fodder.

  9. @ Anonymous OCTOBER 29, 2019 AT 3:29 PM

    That was me posting. I have had a little problem with signing my posts lately

  10. Remind me again what the Whip’s job is? Cause I’m thinking it’s making sure there’s enough votes but that could be somebody else. I don’t think so but it could be.


  11. The Whip is to whip everyone into shape… i.e. get the goods on all the back-benchers so they know how to vote. See House of Cards, the original British version. Their initials are all F.U.

    Same job as in the US Congress.

  12. “He’d rather eat a bucket of Pelosi’s shit on nationwide TV than bring about a vote.
    A vote would expose the farce.”

    I heard he did that for fun. Yeah buddy that’s his own weekend.

  13. Nanc: Well, kids. There’s no vote. It’s going to be delayed.
    Awww, whyyyy?
    Nanc: Well, your grandpa Steny says no.
    Aww phoooey. *kicks dirt*

    Yeah, Steny’s preparing his ass for the bus tire marks.

  14. He knows the following:

    1. The GOP won’t be stupid enough to let them float some farcical non-resolution vote that is really just a vote to maintain this same stupid “impeachment inquiry” with the same rules. If they do, it will be screamed far and wide by right side news sources and social media.

    2. Whether the vote is for an actual resolution or from some bullshit continuation of Schitt’s kangaroo court, the vote will show in black and white who supports this fucked up bullshit coup attempt and that will be front and center in the 2020 election cycle.

    Fuck You Democrats. You are fucking scum.

  15. I called my new 2018 edition Democrat congresswoman yesterday, but her voice mail was full. I called back today, and a flunkie answered the phone. I asked her how Lucy McBath was going to vote tomorrow. She said Lucy hadn’t said yet. I reminded her that our district voted strongly for Trump, Lucy is voting like AOC, we are watching Lucy very closely and that I hoped Lucy was renting instead of buying. I bet all the new red state Dems are getting nervous about tomorrow.

  16. It would be a really bad thing for the Democrats a real impeachment vote or a real impeachment inquiry because then everyone sees exactly what is going on behind closed doors.
    Take the dude today, who showed up in military uniform(some are saying this is illegal, I don’t know), but he testified he shared read-outs of the President’s call. It was classified, so possibly committed a crime depending on who he shared it with, but questioning was shut down when he was asked who he shared it with.

    BTW about this guy could someone tell Liz Cheney to shut the hell up and because I was curious I wanted to see if that Sarah D bitch on twitchy who hates Trump and constantly ragged on Flynn was saying about this guy. Of course he’s a great man and you don’t question someone who served in the military unless of course it was Flynn. Trump is still a bad, bad man. I sure wish someone would find out what damn demoncrat she is, because even RINOs aren’t as stupid as this bitch.

  17. Does Steny remember that Ocrazio Cortez is trying to unseat him and Schumer? Because she is. She threatened them both, publicly, early Summer.


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