Stephen A Smith has an opinion blacktivists don’t like – IOTW Report

Stephen A Smith has an opinion blacktivists don’t like

ESPN Host is Being CRUCIFIED by Black Twitter For Not Towing The line on ‘All Lives Matter’

10 Comments on Stephen A Smith has an opinion blacktivists don’t like

  1. All lives matter. The time for debate is over, the science is settled. There, use their own shitty phrases against them.
    Good for Smith!

  2. Good Lord, Twitter sure allows people to display their utter ignorance and cleanly washed brains.

  3. The problem with blacks and their victimization narrative is that if they don’t have slogans like “Hands up don’t shoot” and “black lives matter” then they have to look in the mirror and realize they have failed themselves and they ARE the problem..

  4. those people are racists. They don’t want to raise up black people they want to bring down everyone else.

    They claim the GOP and the crackers are all haters yet they are the ones filled with seething hatred for anyone not promoting their goals.

  5. After reading the black twitter responses from black folks to black folks, how in the world can they be upset at racism from whitey? They are most vile, disgusting, and racist to themselves. Their lives don’t matter to them, they have no respect for each other. In fact, after reading the word nigger over and over in tweets from niggers, I feel more welcome than ever to use it. Hell, let’s change the slogan to NiggerLivesMatter.

  6. “Get back over here on the plantation, boy.”

    Condensed essence of the comments he’s received.

  7. I don’t give a ratsass what anybody on twatter thinks of me.

  8. @Big Toe — Thank you.

    The other one most abused is: “homed” versus “honed”, as in I “honed in on” (to direct a laser like focus). I hate that one! The correct one is “I homed in on.” Honing is what is done to wheel drums and sharp implements.

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