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Steve Bannon Not Going Quietly

Fox News

The “Soros-backed DA has now decided to pursue phony charges against me 60 days before the Midterm election because WarRoom is the major source of the MAGA grassroots movement,” Bannon said in part in a statement obtained by Fox News.

“The SDNY did the exact same thing in August 2020 to try to take me out of the election,” Bannon said, referring to his arrest months before Trump’s re-election loss. More

Bannon’s full statement and lib reaction Here

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  1. I have conflicting feelings about Bannon. He is pro-Trump, a patriot who loves his country, and fights against leftist corruption. On the other hand, he’s a narcissistic, me me me blowhard sometimes. There was a statement from the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee, that said Bannon was a White House leaker when he was there so I’ll always hold that against him. That was from ego. However, what NY is doing is wrong. They are making up state charges to put him in prison merely for political purposes because he likes Trump.

  2. I know Trump already pardoned him but his pardoning pen will get a damned good workout come January 21, 2025…

  3. @LocoBlancoSaltine September 8, 2022 at 5:19 pm

    > I know Trump already pardoned him but his pardoning pen will get a damned good workout come January 21, 2025…

    That’s the “best” threat you’ve got? Illionaires illing? SRSLY?



    2024 “election” only comes after 2022/3 winter. And everyone preying that all the “VOAT HARDERER!” MAGAts freeze out (already understanding the bad odds — because “MUH rEEEEEEpublic” dole) before the fake ballot counting of the fake ballots, is the Hope And Change(TM) you offer? That’s the best lie you can do? SRSLY?


  4. A President can only pardon federal crimes! Bannon is charged with state crimes, only the state governor could pardon him. In fact some of the “state” charges are the same the federal government used. No Presidential pardon this time. He’ll be serving 10 to 15 years.

  5. Well hopefully he gets a judge that actually follows the law, you can’t charge someone for something they’ve been pardoned for.

  6. Again Bannon was pardoned on a “federal” conviction. These are crimes of the “State” level. Double Jeopardy does not apply here.

  7. ““Soros-backed DA”

    You can rape and murder but you will be charged if your a conservative.
    I love hearing the hate from the trolls here like Fuck Nuts. What they don’t realize is there’s a limit to what we’ll take and then we start hating back. Fuck Nuts won’t like that shit.

  8. Another incoherent, rambling from Fuckknuckle. Dude, go back and learn to spell, learn English grammar, get your GED, then come back and comment. In the meantime, go clean your room, and see if your mom has some other chores for you to do; go away, the adults are talking.

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  10. I’ll have what fnuck son of fnord is having.
    Tequila is too expensive for me to get THAT damn wasted…

  11. Anonymous, there are other people railroaded by the feds who need pardons. Your Bannon fixation is making you look foolish…I mean, more foolish.

  12. Seriously, if fnuck were drunk on Tequila, he’d be making more sense. I think he be drinkin’ bad Saki.

    Fnuck, that’s the best you can do? SRSLY? Seriously?

    No Tequila, Loco? Seriously? You can’t be serious! Seriously?

    I’m serious! Seriously!! Damn, I’m serious. Seriously. Bring on the TROLLS!

  13. LBS,

    Re: Fnuck (probably a nice guy)

    I’m honestly trying to figure what he is saying. I tried with Coffee, with Nothing, & with Booze. I don’t get him either?????

    LSD? Glue? Paint Thinner? Played Football without a Helmet?

    It Ain’t Sake. That’s 12 to 14%

  14. “Steve Bannon Not Going Quietly”

    We don’t care how he goes, as long as he goes.

    We LIKE it when they scream.

    Just ask the Epstein Island kids.

    Or Ashlee Biden.

  15. Do something with the shit stain trolls on here for fuck sake. I don’t come here to have a fucking unAmerican piece of shit democrat spew shit everywhere.

  16. Bob

    This is not managements fault. They’ve been trying to eliminate them. They can. But you or I wouldn’t like it.

  17. “Re: Fnuck (probably a nice guy)”

    I don’t think so, here’s why. Several, including myself, regulars here have expressed frustration over his goggledegook posts (him and Kamala must be related) and, in good faith asked him to make sense. If he wanted to participate in a dialogue, he could do so. The English language ain’t hard and if he was at all earnest or honest he would make the effort, but he doesn’t. Right now he occupies “troll” status. If he wants an upgrade he has to try harder.

  18. @Bob ~ simple solution: don’t feed ’em, don’t acknowledge them.
    they get wet when you do. & their moms don’t like mopping up wet, sticky basement floors. the cheeto dust everywhere is bad enough!

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  19. Rich Taylor

    Dang I wish I would have been pulled over by you when you were a CHIPPY. You’re an honorable man. After the shit Billy Barr pulled today, I just want to drill every Libtard or RINO I run into right in the face.
    It’s been 100 and stupid here for the entire week. I’ll be back to my old congenial self after it cools off. LOL.

  20. Brad, hundred-year-old records are being broken here in the Bay Area. We don’t ever get over 105, it’s happened 3 times this week.

    But so far the power grid has held up, as far as I know, no rolling blackouts. Hot weather makes everyone surly, we all got an excuse.


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