Steve Ray – Islam: What Every Infidel Should Know – 2018 Defending the Faith Conference

Steve Ray delivered this talk, “Islam: What Every Infidel Should Know”, at the 2018 Steubenville Defending the Faith Conference.

8 Comments on Steve Ray – Islam: What Every Infidel Should Know – 2018 Defending the Faith Conference

  1. Islam is evil, it leads people into eternal destruction.

    That’s all you really need to know, everything else just describes how it does it.

  2. EVERYTHING I needed to know about mohammedanism, I learned on Nov.4, 1979. 😡

    Nothing in the 40+ years since, has changed my mind about them. 👎

  3. Our problem isn’t islam, we can deal with them. Our problem is our politicians who refuse to see the danger and continue to allow them to flood into this country while obstructing and or punishing anyone who dares to confront their abusive and criminal attacks on OUR culture.

  4. ”Islamic Koran written by a illiterate man who authorized followers to lie, and worship a delusional desert bandit, leaving a legacy of rape, looting, and mass murder. It is profane and works against freedoms. .
    Mohammed was a charlatan, villain, ignoramus imposter, false prophet who couldn’t write , propagated his religion NOT through pervasive words or miracles but by military force”……..chit be upon him

  5. Everything I learned about Islam I needed to know came about in 1975-76 tour in the U.S. Navy in Bahrain. It taught me that they were untrustworthy, selfish, and willing to backstab others to get their ideology across while acting helpless and needy. We were arming them, feeding them, and kissing their asses for gas.

    Had a Paki bus driver at the base who would look at at you and say “you sucka my dick!”

  6. Personal rule #3

    Never trust a Muslim convert.
    No matter which way the conversion went.
    Sorry, not sorry.

  7. A worldwide study of Muslims was undertaken about 10 years ago.
    10% said they engage in violent jihad or want to.
    85% said they will give support to that 10%.
    That means 5% can be trusted but how can you tell who?
    Their religion encourages them to lie to non-Muslims.
    That’s all I needed to know.


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