Steve Scalise (R-LA) Was Not Having Any of Chris Wallace’s Agenda


Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), speaking to Fox News’ Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” refused to let the anchor railroad him or put forward an anti-Trump agenda regarding the ongoing impeachment hearings against the president.

It’s worth reading their fiery exchange word for word to see what went on here — and how Scalise pushed back hard against a certain line of questioning and reasoning to set the record straight.

“David Holmes,” said Wallace, is “the American official in Ukraine who says he overheard a conversation between the president and Gordan Sondland on July 26, the day after President Trump and President Zelensky [of Ukraine] spoke [this past summer]. Holmes told members of Congress in his sworn testimony he asked whether the president cares about Ukraine. He says, “Sondland told him Mr. Trump only cares about big stuff that benefits the president, like the Biden investigation.”

“Doesn’t that contradict the president’s story, sir?” said Wallace. “‘All the president cared about was going after the Bidens.’”

Said Scalise, “Well, if that was the case, then President Trump wouldn’t have done all of the things that he’s done to help Ukraine stand up to Russia. And in fact, on the original Zelensky phone call that was released, President Zelensky was thanking President Trump for the things he’s done — like selling the Javelin missiles, which helped them stand up to the Russian aggression — and the tanks. By the way, Barack Obama and Joe Biden would not sell Ukraine those same Javelin missiles—” MORE

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  1. Wallace…as did his father, uses the Media to rape innocent guests who never seem to realize that it is always going to be by ambush..His method this time was to use an hypothetical non event to elicit an opinion which would be used by the Left to manufacture fake news ..

  2. I used to watch FNS when they had a couple of sharp conservative women on but that was years ago. Chrissypants gets more ridiculous by the day.

  3. between the treason of the msm spewing their false facts and communist public education system teaching our children mothballing our real history, how will any of the truth reach most of the population?

  4. The son of a sitting Vice-President was appointed to a position on the board of directors of a foreign corporation at a salary in excess of $60k per month, although said son had no experience in the industry, did not speak the language, had never dealt with Burisma before, and whose sole qualification was he was the son of the sitting Vice-President. Then the sitting Vice-President pressured Ukraine into canning the prosecutor looking into that corporation by threatening to withhold $1 billion in aid and later bragged about it. No one has disagreed with any of these facts.

    That, Mr. Wallace, is corruption at the highest levels. That is a Vice-President using his position to protect and further the financial interests of his family members. That is what needs to be investigated instead of covered up by jackasses like you. And I would argue Trump has a duty to have this matter investigated before another corrupt Democrat politician is nominated for President of the United States.

  5. Chrissy is still trying to find relavince since his daddy and dan rather quit calling him in to be their pivot man in the nightly circle jerks held at cbs while walter “the most trusted man in news” watched and jerked himself off to the kiddie pron, maybe he should apply for the same position w/judge nappy and shep no i am fired smith, or lil marco and sissy graham, I’m sure they are lost without mcshitstain burping his colostomy bag while there were fondling each other. dirtbags, all of them, a curse of latent std’s on all of them, just like cummings, may he rest in hell forever.

  6. Mike Wallace is a blowtorch. His words are acid same as his sewer scraper father.. He, Judge Nappy,, and chit head Smith make a nice trio. Would love to see them in a labor camp in North Korea

  7. There was a whole lot of “harfing” a goin on – on Chris W’s FNS circus. So much harfing was planned they felt the girl. Marie Harf, that inspired the term should honored by being invited to be on the show.

    I usually change the channel as soon as I see Marie, but I thought maybe over the year or so since I last saw her – family & friends might have staged an intervention to force her into deprogramming therapy so she would stop being the biggest idiot with a college degree. But noooo, she has instead honed her talent at harfing. Prompting a quick power off of the tv.

    However, she is also proof that the State Department has a history of hiring fools.

    And I did enjoy seeing Chris getting several quick azz kicks before discovering the Harfing Queen was on the show.

  8. @Wyatt

    Don’t forget that during that timeframe……0bama tasked Vice President Biden to oversee the US-Ukraine relationship.

  9. I bumped into the show beginning on Cspan radio.
    CommieWallace was reading out names of the panel
    members. When he called Juan Williams as representing
    FOX; I turned that liars shit off.
    Sometimes I have caught part of the show when surfing
    channels but I havn’t gotten past 5 minutes in years.

  10. My Congressman is Scalise. Haven’t met him yet but I know enough people around here who’ve known him their whole lives and they say he’s good people.

    As for Chris Wallace, he hasn’t fallen far from the Poison Tree. I remember his father Mike Wallace doing a blatant Leftist Media CYA maneuver on behalf of Morgan Freeman once.

    Mike Wallace was interviewing Freeman in one of those typical 60 Minutes puff-pieces. After Wallace’s voice-over introduction, they cut to an outdoor scene at a private airport where Freeman had his plane. Freeman was going to take Wallace up for a spin.

    Freeman comes prancing out of the hangar in an exaggerated flaming-homo, swishy gay strut. Really over the top. Wallace’s voice-over intones “here’s Morgan affectionately walking out to meet me, always joking & kidding around….”

    If Wallace had been interviewing some Conservative and they had done the same thing as Freeman, Wallace’s voice-over would have savaged the Conservative as a gay-hating homophobe, on and on.

    The Leftist Media is despicable. Hypocrites, the lot of ’em.


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