Steve Wynn: NV Ballot Initiative Criminalizes Soldiers Who Leave Gun Behind with Fiancée


Breitbart: Businessman Steve Wynn says Nevada’s gun control ballot initiative–Question 1–contains so many constraints that a soldier leaving for deployment would be in violation of the law were he to leave a gun behind with his fiancée.

The initiative treats loaning a gun or, in this case, leaving a gun, as equivalent to privately transferring one, and private transfers would require background checks if Question 1 were passed.

During a November 7 appearance on Cavuto: Coast to Coast, Wynn said:

Under this new law, if this referendum issue passes, if I were a single fella or I was in the service and I had a gun in my home and I wanted to leave it in the possession of my girlfriend, my fiance…then I would be guilty of an unlawful transaction. Not the [person receiving the gun], but the person who failed to go to a gun shop.

He said these things after first admitting he had initially supported Question 1–then he read it. Upon reading it he realized the onus would be on the soldier who was leaving the gun; that the soldier would be guilty for not going to a gun store to get government approval to leave a gun with his fiancée or friend.

Wynn said he also discovered that Question 1 could cancel gun purchases for persons who have been accused of crimes, “but not convicted.”  READ MORE

11 Comments on Steve Wynn: NV Ballot Initiative Criminalizes Soldiers Who Leave Gun Behind with Fiancée

  1. If Wynn felt so strongly about this initiative he shouldn’t have played coy at every opportunity to support Trump. The only cowards I detest more than NeverTrumpers are fence sitters who play for their own gain

    Get in the game or go home

  2. @Vietvet Pretty much the whole thing.

    Unfortunately it may have to be “explained” to them in NO uncertain terms.

  3. No offense to Left Coast Bob, but we need to wall off CA and deport the ones who’ve spread their shit to other states.

  4. This, my fellow 2nd Amendment patriots, is why you make guns without serial numbers. Ar-15’s, AK-47’s, Glocks, 1911’s….etc.

    Guns that don’t exist don’t exist until you need them – 30 round capacity (standard capacity) magazines included.

  5. Similar to what WA passed recently, made it illegal for a roofer to hand a nail gun to another person. Of course they “eventually got around to correcting a few minor problems”.

  6. How is it that the 14th Amendment has to be respected in EVERY STATE, but the 2nd doesn’t have to be?

    Whassup wi dat?

    Oh, and if ONE state passes a fag-marriage thing EVERY other state must comply with it because of the “Full Faith and Credit” clause, but not Constitutional Carry or Concealed Carry or Open Carry.

    izlamo delenda est …

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