Steyer: Trump Hates 80 Percent of Americans

WFB: California billionaire and Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer said at a Thursday campaign rally President Donald Trump “hates” 80 percent of Americans.

Roughly halfway through the event, Steyer said Trump manipulates inequalities between segments and classes of Americans.

“He plays on all the divisions in American society to make people scared about that,” Steyer began.

“And that’s how he sells people on the idea that we—you know, I think he hates about 80 percent of Americans. He really, really, if you do the math, that’s about where you come out. But his point is, ‘we need to hurt them because otherwise they’re going to be taking money out of your pocket.’ That’s just not true.” more

SNIP: WTF did Biden2 just say?

19 Comments on Steyer: Trump Hates 80 Percent of Americans

  1. Like spoiled little kids, When lefties say crap like this
    we know they are blaming others for their own faults.

  2. The real problem is not what he said, it’s the very large number of people fall for what he said and believe it without ever thinking it through first.

    That seems to be about half of today’s Americans.

  3. When i listen to these uber rich, mouth breathing bed wetters, I scratch my head. How did these halfwits get rich in the first place? I’m guessing not through honest business dealings.

  4. Who was it who said fuck the white working class and cobble together a coalition of single women, minorities, illegal aliens and he/she/its?

    Because The Future Is Not You so you are no longer worthy of representative government.

  5. I would say that the vast majority of us deplorables hate or dislike or don’t trust any democrap or media spokesidiot or hollyweirdo any farther than we can throw them.

  6. I would REALLY like to watch PotUSvsg debate Tommyboy.

    On the outside chance that it might help bring about said debate, I gave styrene Steyer a dollar.

    I Steyer with my little,

  7. Well, 100% of us can’t stand mouthy assholes like Tom Steyer, so we win.
    Once again proving you don’t need to be smart to be rich.

  8. The reason you keep hearing anout these slanted polls is because Democrat institutions control them.

    It’s easier to manipulate a poll than win an election so they think if they can get 60% in favor of impeaching in an NBC poll than that is better than an election.

    In related news, T-Bone still holds a double digit lead over Trump with registered Republicans in a poll taken in the south side of Chicago with 14 participants and run by the Sun Times and Media Matters.

  9. Tom, tell us just how much you love the 60 million innocent and defenseless American babies executed by their own mothers. I’ll wait.


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