Stinks On Ice: Rob Reiner’s All-Star Anti George W. Bush Movie Tanks

DC: Acclaimed film directer Rob Reiner’s newest movie “Shock and Awe” bombed at the box office over the weekend in spite of its all-star cast and its theme — painting doggedly persistent journalists as heroes in the face of an administration that was “hiding the truth” from the American public.

The per-venue breakdown was even worse, showing that with a limited 100 theater release, the film earned only $410 per screen.  Reviews


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  1. How much longer are the theater owners going to stand with their hats in their hands waiting for Hollywood to figure it out?

    They would make more money if they could get Bollywood an accent/vocal coach.

  2. This is where a basic understanding of capitalism really pays off. For example the market can only support one overweight (fat) pompous (bastard) Marxist movie maker shilling about how evil the Republicans are evil.

    Mickey Moore has that market share locked up and in a strangle hold- think as Harvey Weinstien was to young starlets Micky Moore is to the Bernie & Hillary crowd. (fat, unshaven bastard pawing, grabing, sweating, forcing- well you get the idea). In that market- there can be only one.

  3. I guess meathead hasn’t noticed that W has been rehabilitated by the Left due kissing Obama’s ass and engaging in showy nevertrumpery. Somebody tell him he’s stinking up the new narrative.

    Poor Dems never know whether to clap or boo unless they get a cue. Or a clue, which is uncommon.

  4. Back in the 70s I thought Rob was acting on All in the Family. Turns out he wasn’t . He was just being his own natural self.

  5. So sorry to hear you lost Boobie. I feel sad for your loss.

    Both of you were blessed to have each other.

  6. Boobie, I’m so sorry to hear that. It rips pieces of my heart out to hear when we lose another fur buddy. We know it will happen, but we do it to ourselves anyway. It’s the price we pay for the joy we receive.

    God bless you and your family as you are grieving.

  7. Much like Michael Moore’s masterpiece productions, I imagine these end up in their mothball-scented dusty attics.

  8. Boobie went to a better place…Knowing that while here…Had a Paw

    firmly on the neck of a libtard.

  9. Woody Harrelson, Rob Reiner himself, Jessica Biel are an ‘all-star cast” ??

    Apparently I’m not the only one to prefer my sofa.

  10. Very sorry about Boobie. A lifetime of love from our furry friends is worth gold.

    I lost one of mine a few years ago and cried every day for 3 weeks. Still makes me sad.


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