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Stirring – Must See

The forgotten people, the used people, the patronized people speak out for Trump.

The left isn’t fooling minorities that want a better future any longer. Bread crumbs for votes is not going to work anymore.

As much as NeverTrump thinks that have some sort of messiah that was unfairly dismissed by the “cheetoh faced- toupeed one,” or whatever it is that these lost souls call him, these dissed messiahs never seemed to be speaking to potential conservatives.

I often defend conservatism by saying I want nothing more than to wake up tomorrow and see that everyone is employed, self-reliant and pursuing happiness. That means everybody. I have no reason to keep anyone down, like the left needs to do in order to stay in power.

This also may be the belief of these dismissed candidates, but, apparently, they didn’t communicate it well.

Trump is connecting. Trump is communicating.

I think he deserves the chance to see where this will take America without the interference of “conservatives” who hope for a Clinton victory in order to “get what they want” in a far away time, a time that will have the full impact of a corrupt, leftist Clinton apparatus upon it.

Shame on you.

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  1. Love it. It’s not a white thing, it’s not a black thing, it’s an American thing.

  2. Ironic ain’t it. The divider and chief may have united a bunch of us. Loser.

  3. My cracker status notwithstanding, I am for Americans.
    Not hyphens, thank you.

    That said, I voted early in Florida this afternoon.
    I have never voted early or absentee before.
    Marco Rubio
    and a few amendments were on the ballot.

  4. Good man Loco. At times I had my doubts. Virtual hi five bud.

  5. BTW, before voting, I was happy to provide my ID and sign my name.
    Of course it is all electronic after they scan the ballot.
    I assume they save the ballots?

    I pressed so hard on the Trump/Pence circle I may have created a Hanging_Brad…

  6. Ah, you’ve used that line before. Now arm up. Trump wins the BLM is waging war.

  7. Not just BLM waging war.
    Millenials, etc.
    Spite House will likely burn to the ground when the blacks move out of the hood.

  8. Loco we are on the same page. After all, the BLM is a management organization. They exist to call in the Blue Helmets.

  9. Wait……are these people to be considered black people? That’s not what he fascist left would lead us to believe.

  10. always encourages me to see that from the black americans. I really want to go back to the days when i would see a black person and not be thinking ‘i wonder if he/she is a white hating liberal”

  11. and conservative treehouse says about the opposite Brad. I prefer sundance version

  12. Charlie, I prefer the Tree Houses version too. But then there’s reality. Voter fraud might be a real problem.

  13. i agree that fraud can be a problem, but i dont see how they can add millions of votes, the fraud plus the monster votes. The total would be more than the number of voters. What then? Gods got a big hand in this, and in the end, the Trump sweep will be unchallenged by the left because she wont be standing. The FBI has her by the balls.

  14. Dear God, frustrate all attempts for the Democrats (and those RINOs that love their power more than America) attempts to steal the election through voter fraud. Amen

  15. Watched the video twice and mailed the link to everybody – even an old liberal girlfriend who votes democrat. She’s self-employed and has suffered financially ever since 0bama as been defiling the office of president.
    Hoping she will see the logic in voting for Trump instead of another destroyer.

  16. Lazlo has a pal whose whole church is fasting and praying for Trump.
    My appeal to the almighty is for all the Good Works that America can do if the Ship of State is righted.
    Voted early last week
    Go Trump

  17. Thank you for your prayers Claudia. I’m sure they will be heard as well as millions more.
    In God we trust.

  18. That was simply beautiful. Hopefully we’re not getting our hopes up and won’t be disappointed.

  19. Charlie Walks – It’s easier for the crooks that count the votes to destroy the Trump votes before they’re counted. When you have a large Dem city that makes up the most of the county, you get a Dem county clerk who counts the votes before sending them to the State. When all the Rep leaning suburbs have to give their votes to the clerk for counting, well, I’m sure those votes can ‘disappear’ in a hurry.

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