Stolen Social Security number? The IRS doesn’t care


CPR: The IRS is giving away money to people who file tax returns with stolen Social Security numbers, and they intend to keep right on doing it.

That was the message from IRS Commissioner John Koskinen to the Senate Finance Committee during a recent hearing on cybersecurity failures and other problems at the Internal Revenue Service.

“These are cases in which someone uses someone else’s identity, their name or their Social Security number, to get a job illegally,” Sen. Dan Coats, a Republican from Indiana, explained.  more

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  1. Koskinen sometimes makes me want to break things. The rest of the time he makes me want to vomit. What an arrogant, self-important, sneering, fatuous, blood-sucking, govt mega-leech.

  2. Uncle Al, if that bald headed, bugged eyed sack of shit were in front of me, it would take a dozen men to stop me from strangling the last acrid breath from his vile reptilian body.

  3. Easy path for illegals to vote if they don’t have the luxury of living in California.

    0bama has his AG busy fixing a path for felons released from to get easy to obtain identification. Easy 200,000 more votes for the free-shit communist ticket.

    A letter released Monday by the Justice Department calls on governors of all states to allow federal inmates who are returning to their communities to exchange their prisoner identification cards for state-issued identification, or to simply accept their prison cards as supporting documentation to obtain a state ID.

  4. It really is unbelievable how deep the corruption runs in our federal government. Is there even one government agency that we can be confident in?

  5. 6 billion a year went into the IRS coffers to die a slow, shielded death from Illegal workers in 2001….don’t ask me how I know, I’m still pissed off…Imagine the figure now…40 million illegals x 25%….fuck I’m mad…

  6. And finally, let’s not forget to give the Republican majority a word of thanks for all of this skullduggery and their undying ability to simply sit back and let it all happen!!
    Put yer hand on the radio and say Fuck You!

  7. @Rat Fink – Excellent point. No one should ever forget that the fed govt monstrosity – Leviathan – is the product of the two party system.

  8. My company received an IRS notice this week, for potentially improper name/SSNs from our 1099s from 2014. The reason they didn’t match was that the IRS entered them incorrectly – one name was off by a letter, another completely unintelligible. That is the level of competency, or care, we are dealing with.

  9. LCD, I got my tax forms returned because my printout wasn’t as dark at the bottom.
    I was running out of toner.
    Even though it was all 100% legible, just some of their boilerplate was faint, they sent it back.

    Did they send me a form that met their demands?
    Of course not, would have made sense and helped out this taxpayer.

  10. Hell, the IRS bastards probably sell our numbers to illegals. Corrupt bastards All of the Obama government is full of stink. It will be amazing after he leaves and we delve into the shit pile left behind.

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