Santa’s Husband-

Offering a fresh twist on Kris Kringle, a clever yet heartfelt book that tells the story of a black Santa, his white husband, and their life in the North Pole.

Everyone knows that Santa Claus is jolly, but in Santa’s Husband, this cherished symbol of the holiday season is also black and gay, and married to an equally cheery man.


Daniel Kibblesmith is an Emmy-nominated writer and comedian from Oak Park, Illinois. He is a staff writer for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (2015) and a founding editor of ClickHole (2014).
-simply propaganda to advocate a lifestyle choice and political agenda, neatly wrapped and disguised as a children’s book.
-the vacuous left turn everything into propaganda. This is just more anti-white, lgbtqrpstuvwxyz nonsense that is just pushing an agenda. Pathetic leftist drivel.
-Poorly written LGBT propaganda poisoning the minds of children.
-Like someone crapped on paper and called it a book.
-Disrespectful to the catholic faith!

-Santa is not gay so let’s keep it that way, you can’t go gaying up everything. Make up your own stuff to make gay.

-The book is an inappropriate twist on a cultural symbol, aimed at children. By redefining basic characteristics the book implicitly aims to redefine an important element of our culture, caricaturing it until it turns into a grotesque no longer having anything to do with the original culture and message.
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17 Comments on Stop with the SEXUAL APPROPRIATION

  1. Doubtless this excremental tome is hard core leftist trolling but will be championed by the usual foolish suspects as cultural progress.

    Related,there was a TV ad the other day that proclaimed “Christmas is about making your dreams come true.”

    How did we get here?

  2. That Lake o’ Fire is going to be pretty crowded. Can you imagine spending eternity in the company of these people?! You don’t even need a Lake o’ Fire to make it a living hell.

  3. Soooo … white “Santa” is pitching and black “Santa” is catching?

    Ain’t that racist … or something?

    And they mis-spelt “Satan.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Re-imagine and defile their cultural icons. Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels as sort of Bert and Ernie of Economics.

    Their same sex living arrangement creates a Seinfeld meets Odd Couple relationship where their most well known theories are informed by their zany homosexual antics.

    S1:E1 – Pilot – After posting an ad for a roommate on Oleg’s List, confirmed bachelor for life Engels takes on a Costanza-esque Marx who is forced to be his butler for he first month’s rent. A violent revolution ensues.

  5. Soon if you don’t let a sodomite rape your child your whole family (minus the kids of course) will be denounced and sent to gulag.

    This is why God gave us the 12 gauge.

  6. “Stop with the SEXUAL APPROPRIATION ”

    Yeah, where are the feminists? How are they going to let a legendary fellow sister like Mrs. Claus take a hit like this?

  7. And all along, Mrs. Claus was actually Santa’s beard.

    They never had kids. She sacrificed her prime reproductive years to be an Assistant Manager of a sweatshop, forced labor camp for the disabled on a continent that is not a party to the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

    She has been wanted for prosecution in The (Fag) Hague since collaborating with the Nazis in violation of sanctions to outsource lederhosen for the elf gulag.

  8. From the reviews section:

    “My wife and I bought this for our kids because we wanted to open their eyes to the positivity of gay culture”.

    Dafuq is wrong with these people?

  9. Every day, the faggot craptivists make converting to radical Islam seem more appealing all the time. It’s not like the faggots who are recognized as the leaders of Western Christianity are going to do a damn thing about this, other than “bless” it or some other nauseating shit.

  10. “Hey Timmy – leave a treat for Santa!”

    “K – can we leave out the white peckerwood crackers?”


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