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Stories About Spy Balloon Do Not Add Up

This “spy balloon” nonchalant response by the Biden Administration comes on the heels of the propaganda being pushed that Putin will nuke the Atlantic to submerge the UK and NYC. It seems very odd and very orchestrated but most concerning of all is how PEDESTRIAN it feels.

Tore Says:


U.S.-China relations have been strained in recent years due to increasing tensions between the two countries over security and trade issues. China has criticized U.S. regulations on technology exports, citing them as a trade violation. The U.S. military has banned the use of the Chinese-owned TikTok app on military devices due to concerns over spying. Additionally, nearly half of state governments across the U.S. have also banned the use of TikTok on state-owned devices. These actions reflect the growing tensions between the two countries and the increasing scrutiny of Chinese technology companies by the U.S. government.

In 2017, I had sent off a report to the Department of Justice, State Department, Homeland Security and the White House (after President Trump was inaugurated) to advise that Governor Doug Burgum was funded by the CCP via a capital firm in Chicago. I have posted many articles about the relationship that the state of North Dakota has with the Chinese and the businesses that the late (he killed himself rather than go to jail) Attorney General of North Dakota refused to investigate for espionage.

In fact, the Attorney General shot back at Governor Burgum with alleged “sponsorships” from corporate entities rather than cease Chinese interactions because he was being excluded after the Fentanyl debacle. Past the northern border heading to Canada via Turtle Lake way. Why is this relevant?

North Dakota is indicative of having most of its political leaders funded by China, causing serious concerns about their “foreign policy” due to the fact that it shares a border with a foreign nation, Canada. MORE

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  1. Gateway Pundit other links about the one above St. Lewis area…

    Asking National Guard fly boys to drop it as the feds don’t seem to want to respond yet.

  2. How about military helicopters flying with lights off in downtown San Diego.
    Their practicing for something.

  3. Contrail goes forever

    It does, but it starts WAAAAAY behind the guy filming it. That balloon had to be caught in one hell of a jet stream. Makes no sense. Go look at the Gateway. A balloon would not glide into the earth after being shot down like a plane. It would drop like a rock.

  4. They’re spotting them all over. Kansas city, a new one in Canada, St. Louis, and now some where in Latin America. I’m going home a loading more mags. Adios.

  5. Like I said in the previous “barroon” thread this morning:

    “Come on…Who really believes that balloon is from China? Or Russia, or Canada, or anywhere else but the bowels of our IC. Please. Remember JLENS? That was literally a trial balloon.”

    Balloons are only good for governments to spy on their own subjects.

  6. Weak Jimmy Carteresque admin is too chicken-shit to shoot down the Red Zeppelin trial balloon makes me wonder why ANYONE would go to war to defend this formerly great country.

    Sad day indeed…

  7. Ironically, tonight on MeTV is the Twilight Zone episode “The Fear.”
    It features a giant balloon that little aliens use to scare Americans into submission. Hazel Court is the damsel…

    It was the penultimate TZ episode that aired on May 29th, 1964.
    It was the last filmed, & was written by Rod Serling.

    “The Bewitching Pool” was the last episode, but it was filmed prior to “The Fear”

  8. CCP Spy balloons are just open hostility and disrespect. The CCP’s contempt for the sovereignty of the United States proves they have no fear of retaliation. Biden/Obama partnership with the CCP has been in place for some time. A continuation of the involvement of China since the 60s under Kennedy/Johnson.

    The arrogant behavior of the CCP is a display of a communist empire bold enough to flaunt how effectively they have attempted to conquered the greatest nation on Earth without firing a shot – Invasion by indoctrination. American schools, government and culture are now corrupted by communism.

    Truth – we deserve this nightmare. We’ve let the enemy sit at the table far too long – fragmenting our God inspired, unique society through abortion, rabid criminality, depravity and anti-American ideologies have lowered our will to unify and protect our nation.

    Now it up to God to decide when and how He’ll rescue us. It may not be anytime soon. Buckle up buttercup and pray.

  9. If we had legit “don’t fuck with us” John Wayne motherfuckers in charge, we would intercept the chinky ballon and paint “China is asshoe” on the side in a large red font and then parade it around the USA for all the State Fairs this Summer.
    Fly it on the White House lawn.

  10. “ Montana Officials Confirm No Explosion Occurred Within State After Unsubstantiated Video Emerges”

    This get worse all the time. There’s more than one video and a shit load of witnesses

  11. The governor of Montana was on Tucker right after it supposedly happened.
    He admitted to just hearing about it so it sounds like we need more fucking answers from these asswagons in charge.

  12. The US govt could just use the LRDR to shoot them down. No need to launch aircraft.
    States’ Nat’l Guard could launch helicopters to bring them down.
    So many options.
    So many questions.
    Just because they may be produced in the US doesn’t mean it’s not the Chinese who own them.

  13. Maybe it’s a way to spread the new virus that carries the final vaccine solution to over population. Get those masks on or die sheep!!

  14. The only reason I can think of for not shooting that down over the US, it’s not Chinese. Probably NSA/CIA/FBI.

  15. Governments do have a history of making scapegoats out of people that had little or nothing to do with the crime.

  16. Don’t be foolish.
    Biden administration ALLOWED this to HAPPEN!
    China saying it’s an ACCIDENT?
    With a SECOND and possibly THIRD one out there???
    AMERICA has been living under a TAKEOVER since Biden was INSTALLED.

  17. Aerolized virus to be spread by CCPchinamen and acknowledged and approved by Joe Biden. The communist human abusing chinamen had announced doing so previously.

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