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Storm Daniels In A Tea Cup


The MSM’s campaign to provide free publicity to an aged porn star, Stephanie Gregory Clifford [aka Stormy Daniels] may have reached an unsatisfying climax last night. Daniels sat down the another aging self promoter, Anderson Cooper,  for an empty overly gossipy and salacious interview on 60 Minutes. In case you missed this low point in investigative journalism, John Nolte can fill you in on all the embarrassing (to CBS News) details Here 




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  1. I expected that at any moment…..

    Anderson would try to get some pointers from “Stormy” on how to give an unbelievable “blowjob.”

  2. RickyG,
    She’s past her “use by” date.
    Sniff it before you pour that milk.
    I bet it’s spoiled.

  3. AHHHH!….I just figured out why Joe Scarborough had an issue with Stormy’s interview…..Her forehead is bigger then his…..

  4. An aging, worn out, sex worker hits the public relations lotto and after a decade is now in demand for strip tease gigs and interviews.
    Laughing all the way to the bank.

  5. Don’t ask me for a comment. I didn’t see the bitch on 60 minutes she sold her dirty pussy for money. No rape this isn’t the case of bill the rapist Clinton’s. Why she is on 📺 she look fuc up and she is a low life bitch.

  6. Stephanie Clifford, I always heard the payment also bought being discreet, as apposed to messing with the sister-in-law. No honor among thieves or professionals. If your pimp had any self respect he/she would slap you around some and take all the money.

  7. Bob, you are right over the target. Did she claim rape? If what she says is true then, according to all the Clinton defenders “it’s just sex and that is a private matter”. The democrats are the ones that lowered the bar and the only reason they are pissing and moaning like they have a burning case of gonorrhea is because it is a Republican. There are news stories about Bill’s current whatever and her code name is “the energizer bunny”.

    If I recall for the last 8 years there was some fella out of Chicago that claimed to have had done drugs with and engaged in butt sex with Barry but that was not news worthy. Their double standards know no limits. Have they, at long last, no shame?

  8. The Media, Women’s rights groups all the left ignored Clinton’s womanizing, rape accusations, the Arkancider’s Bimbo Eruption Squad saying it “Was between a husband and a wife, fuggetaboutit”. What could they possibly say if Melania came out and said “she was a birthday gift for Donald, it’s between a man and a woman, fuggetaboutit.”

    We would know the left was being played, but the insanity that would ensue would be epic!!

  9. Yes, Mr Fist, I was referring to her “classic” movies, not recent stuff. And while she was filming the interview somebody should have checked her closet for Clinton DNA.


    Daniels is going tonight on CNN
    I can see her career swirling now in the drain
    Oh and I can see Daniels aging badly
    God it looks like Daniels must have stepped in big cow pies

    The porn drain ain’t pretty, and many have been
    Well Daniels says it’s the worst place that she’s ever seen
    Oh and she should know, she’s been down enough
    We won’t miss Daniels, No we won’t miss her much

    Daniels a porn star you are old history
    Do you now feel the strain now for time doesn’t heal
    Career has died, and your age tells you why
    Daniels your porn star falls from grace in the sky

    Daniels is going tonight on CNN
    I can see her career swirling now in the drain
    Oh and we just wish Daniels would wave goodbye
    God it looks like Daniels must have stepped in big cow pies
    Oh God it looks like Daniels, must have stepped in big cow pies

  11. I don’t know. It seems to me she must do a lot of baking. Whilst doing some, er, um, “research” on her filmography, it seemed that a lot of her clips involved something called “cream pies.”

  12. Wow. If porn stars are having extra marital affairs, where are this nation’s morals going?

  13. They are trying to make the $130K an “in-kind” illegal campaign donation to Trump.
    Bulldog Bob Mueller will be hot on the trail!

    OK, when Harry Reid said that Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes, that was an “in-kind” illegal donation to President Barack Hussein Obama.

  14. I dropped a class at Purdue University. It would have given 3 easy credit hours, the same number of credits that I got from Statistics and some other equally as difficult classed. The class was rumored to provide an easy “A.”

    Two of the reasons I dropped it:

    I looked through the text and every few pages the text gave tribute to Margaret Sanger and Alfred Kinsey. I figured I could use that as an opportunity to refute the text and educate the class during discussion. However, I would have had to do an enormouse amount of work to do so without the instructor realized I was hijacking the pogrom.

    The next and biggest reason I dropped it was that the class would be viewing 2-3 porn films. One of such was sex between senior sex workers.

    Stormy, there is your new schtick.

  15. Thre’s an adult video store/theaer/drive in a few miles from here. I have to pass it on my way to and from home every day. Today the marquee out front proudly declares “YES… We Have Stormy Daniels Videos”


  16. I’ll guarantee you Mr. T had nothing to do with this trollop for she is, shall we say, a large woman – and Trumps hands are pretty small. Most cock-smiths stay away from girls like this for their antics can cause physical injuries. No, Trump has better taste in women than Paulette Bunyan, or is it Babe the Blue Ox(?).

  17. How can you tell if Anderson Cooper is gay?

    His cock tastes like shit.

    (A classic Blanche Knott inspired joke!)

  18. …she looks ragged! Wasted! Worn out, rode hard and put away wet!

    People find that attractive? she looks like shit! Ewwwww…



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