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Gays The New Terrorists



GAYS ARE THE NEW ISIS: Gay Jihadis Bombard Christian Pizzeria With Death Threats For Refusing To Submit To LGBT Sharia Law

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  1. Um, I don’t mean to be rude, and I can’t help that I’m ignorant… BUTT for those of us who don’t speak/read cocksucker or goatfucker… What exactly does the fagflag say? Upside-down it kinda looks like “Nip it Imp” and maybe “Soc I(hump) GOAT staff I(hump again ) Ram” … Like a pictograph or Hieroglyphic?

  2. Lefties seem to be at the point where God says willfully, “I will blind their eyes”. (.ie, He intends to eventually destroy them.)

  3. Sure would be to bad that if when Jess Duley got home her house was burned to the ground.

    Probably caused by a lightening strike.

  4. The RFRA kerfuffle is an Alinskyite’s dream come true. Pick the target, freeze it, isolate it, then pound, pound pound away until the target is obliterated and any others are too terrified to make a peep, lest they get the same treatment.
    it is easier when you have the MSM providing air cover and doing bombing runs.


    The entertainment industry, The educational system and most of congress.

  6. I feel like opening a cake shop so I can refuse to sell to people – Tuesdays would be no sales to Males day, Thursdays Amish only day, Fridays are people under five feet day– MYOB, Statists!!!

  7. @Ted You’ve got that right. Conan is all about sucking up to the butt pirate agenda and his useful idiot audience cheers wildly when Conan makes jokes about how backward and bigoted the rubes in flyover country are. Unlike most people, I have the luxury of not having to watch what I say in public as I cannot be fired and don’t give a shit what those idiots think of me.

  8. Without a doubt……we have to fight back…..pull the plug and slam them to the ground, it’s the only thing they understand.

    Phuck them all.

  9. OK, let me get this straight (pun)…
    Once Upon A Time in America.

    The Moslem Sleeper Cells will rise up out of hiding and kill all the gays in America. Then, by breaking cover, the Moslems will be wiped out by the American cowboys. The cowboys will then be arrested and sent to FEMA camps by Federal troops.

    Who will be left to pay the salaries of the bloated, corrupt government? The surviving Libs certainly won’t be able to sustain the nation.

    The End.

  10. Bea Hedd

    You left out Rednecks.
    While FEMA is rounding up the cowboys, Rednecks will be rounding up the Libs, enticing them to move to the Middle East to start unicorn ranches and “save” the moslems.
    FEMA’s leadership role will collapse due to lack of progressive focus and most cowboys will escape the encampments leaving behind(sic) the brokeback boys.
    America will rise from the ashes of the third world status Barry envisioned for us to become the best place on earth to live.


  11. The exact same “Revolutionaries” that co-opted the “Black Lives Matter” movement have co-opted this as well. They don’t give a damn about gay people. They certainly don’t give a damn about “gay marriage.” All they care about is tearing the country apart. I’m not saying there isn’t a crazy loon activist Left among the gays. I’m certain that there is. I just don’t think the gays are driving this lunatic bus. They’re just along for the ride. It’s the same Alinsky crackpots who hijack every “cause” from Occupy Wall Street to “Justice for Trayvon” to Black Lives Matter to this.

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