Strangest “Last Meal” Requests

what would you request?

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  1. Why give them anything other than prison food? What did they feed their victims before they slaughtered them?

  2. 2 dozen blue crabs, 3 pounds of boiled Bubba Gump shrimp, heads on and a basket of jalapeno hushpuppies or cornbread.

  3. I was in Washington State, first visit.
    A fellow at the facility invited me to a Washington seafood feast.
    He asked me how many crabs I could eat, I told him a dozen.
    Taken aback, he said he would get me two.
    I didn’t know they were as big as a dinner plate there.
    Not as good as blue crabs though.

  4. Force them to eat the last known meal of their last known victim, while requiring them to stare at an 8 x 10 of the victim on the table opposite them as they eat, or any existing video of the victim.

  5. A pound of Scrapple smothered in ketchup followed by a Charbroiled Florida Lobster and capped off with 200 Steamed Topneck-size Clams drowning in butter

  6. Dry white toast, fo’ fried chickens and a Coke.

    for real – lamb and bindi, chicken makhni, saag paneer, keema naan, tea


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