Strip Club starts food delivery service called Boober

Trade Corona for an STD, with Boober!

Okay, that’s not fair. You won’t necessarily get an STD, as long as you practice social disease distancing.


ht/ frankie h

24 Comments on Strip Club starts food delivery service called Boober

  1. I’m gonna mention this idea to my boss. Pasties are gonna suck at the end of the day as I have a hairy chest plus we repair small engines, but hey, we gotta try something.

  2. Great, why would I want my groceries delivered to me by some busty babe. I don’t get it, actually I do but that doesn’t make it right. And what if some over active goober decides to rape her because she’s flashing her boobs? Do we have a sense of decency about anything anymore. I may be older and may be considered to be a geezer and a fuddy duddy by some people but I’m not stupid.

  3. I’ll have a number five, with a Dr. Pepper and a lap dance…with a side of adequate social distancing, of course.

  4. When they make a delivery they have an escort that’s bigger than Bubba to keep them safe. That’s what a friend told me anyway.

  5. The one on the left looks like Jim Carrey’s female character from ‘In Living Color’. She’s probably making more money delivering food.


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