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“Stroads” Are Ruining Our Cities

According to this video, the streets of many of our cities are a hazard and should be redesigned to either make them either more vehicle friendly or more pedestrian friendly. The creator cites The Netherlands as the example we should aspire to in our urban areas. After recently having to cross a “stroad” to get from a mall to strip mall I can tell you it’s a harrowing experience. Watch

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  1. As a runner and a cyclist I would love a path totally separate from motor vehicles.
    People simply cannot co-exist with motor vehicles.
    It’s too fucking dangerous.
    Every day here in Vegas someone gets killed by a car or truck.

    Many drivers get irrationally upset if a cyclist impedes their locomotion by 0.003 femto-seconds. (Just read the pending comments.)
    I know when I am over matched by 2000 pounds, BTW.

    Don’t worry though, we FINALLY have a faggot as transportation secretary.

  2. Watched 8 minutes of a whiny lib that hates success and wants everyone to go back to trains because facism

  3. Yeah, keep dreaming: the Netherlands does not have ghettos or street gangs or armies of crackheads on the streets of their cities. In the US democrat-run cities, those signs will be vandalized with graffitti, and those beautiful clean streets will look like garbage dumps; bike riders will be robbed, and walkers will be raped.

    But otherwise, a nice pipe-dream.

  4. Cities can do whatever they want. Just don’t ask me to pay for it if I don’t live there.

  5. It makes me wonder why cyclists go out in traffic at peek traffic congestion times. Those are the times I stay off the roads in an attempt to stay alive and well. Confidence, faith or a coin toss??

  6. Don’t like it? Move to The Netherlands.
    I’ve been to Amsterdam. Drug addicts laying in the streets, just like in the USA.

  7. Doesn’t matter because the overreaction to covid is going to revamp everything.

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