Student magazine warns against ‘racist’ Halloween costumes

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The latest issue of a magazine run by Ohio State University students features a flow-chart designed to help students determine whether their Halloween costume is racist.

The guide published in 1870 Magazine allows students to ask themselves a series of questions about their costume ideas, directing them to one of several determinations based on their responses.

“As long as you’re a sexy vampire or along those lines, you should be good.”    

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“Is it politically charged?” the chart asks of costume ideas that pertain to “something serious.” If yes, the magazine is interested only in whether makes fun of Donald Trump, in which case the chart advises the reader to “DO IT.”

If the costume is serious, but not politically charged, then the chart asks whether the student plans to dress as Prince, which it only considers acceptable if the wearer is not white.

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22 Comments on Student magazine warns against ‘racist’ Halloween costumes

  1. This flowchart was made by a moron. If I was back in college, my decision tree would ask, “Does my costume offend someone?” No? Go back and try again. Yes? Success.

  2. I went as a NAZI general complete with a
    real nazi hat & Iron Cross in 1976.Everybody
    like the costume and everybody had a good
    time and nobody called me names and the word
    RACIST had not been invented yet.Can we go back to 1976?

  3. When I was in High School, one year I was a Tennis playing Woman with a Giant nylon full of socks as for a Penis ( Foot Long ). I made it to 3rd period before a girl told me it was vulgar, the V.P a Marine couldn’t look at me without a smirk… he let me go !!!
    I may not fare as well today ! ( it was a dare )

  4. PHernry : I so miss those days, back then there weren’t safe spaces to run to upon seeing the threatening nylon Penis ! Nobody even cried or sot out Counseling , hey kids are strong stop ruining them !!!

  5. A bed sheet serves so many purposes, even at Halloween.

    Will somebody please send Harvey Weinstein a pillow from the Cibolo Creek Ranch. Better yet, give him a free weekend there, courtesy of all the women in Hollywood.

  6. Reminds me, gotta ask the daughter if she wants to trick or treat. She didn’t last year cause it was “boring”. Out here, we do it in the shopping malls and it’s a nightmare to/from them at night.

  7. Using black squares and circles with white type is bound to be racist. *sigh* Perpetual stupidity.
    It takes a great deal of immaturity and twisted socialist misinformation to create that “chart”.

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