Student Spends $12,000 Defending Himself Over Incident He Says Was Consensual

Legal Insurrection: If you’re a student who is already struggling to pay tuition, a situation like this could derail your entire life.

Robby Soave reports at Reason:

Two Students Hooked Up. It Was Clearly Consensual. He Still Spent $12,000 Defending Himself.

James, a freshman at the University of California-Davis, was on his way to math class when he received an email that would derail his life for the next few months: The university’s Title IX office, which handles sexual misconduct disputes between students, was investigating a complaint against him.

This was in February 2018, at a time of heightened public attention to the problem of predatory men taking advantage of vulnerable women. Journalists had exposed Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, and others for committing a variety of sexual misdeeds.

“This was not a good time to get accused of something like this,” James tells Reason.  read more

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  1. This was in February 2018. Journalists had exposed Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore: So 50/50 is now the bar? Right, got it,,,

  2. The ordeal that this boy went through… utterly nauseating.

    Leftists now have schools micromanaging petting sessions, while confusing young women (and men) with conflicting messages about sexual libertinism and hookups and twerking etc. on the one hand, and on the other hand encouraging them to be full-blown whiny Victorian prudes and neurotics who are responsible for none of their own behavior.

  3. Girls now have a convenient tool to continue living a loose lifestyle of casual sex and a way to assuage the inner guilt that comes with it.
    Just cry rape…

  4. And these are the same women (I use the term loosely) that will later complain there are no good, loving men around, and that the only guys they can find willing to date them are abusive, soul-sucking parasites with three other baby-mommas and only willing to spend all day sitting on the couch playing X-Box.

  5. Our family has spent about $30,000 defending my son from false accusations of abuse and violations of visitations.
    The insane ex wife admitted on the stand in court the accusations were fake but that doesn’t show on police reports. These accusations are used as weapons and they financially ruin and destroy reputations. The men are arrested with no proof at all. Just by one woman’s say so.
    They are the big guilty and never proven innocent problem.
    My son is a place holder on the ballot and the media dragged his name through the mud with inaccurate reporting. After my son emailed the reporter with corrections the reporter said he wouldn’t correct it unless my son called him on the phone. Only a crazy person would call on the phone and step into that trap.
    Although a man here in Maine just won a civil suit against the police and his ex for the false arrests and accusations.

  6. If his family had just paid her $12,000 I bet her “Whore’s Remorse” (and the accusation) would have disappeared.

  7. Wow. Snorky1 seems more than a little butt-hurt. Might be a suppressed memory, or maybe a potential criminal charge in the recent past.
    Folks, please watch out and look out for Snorky1…..He might need some help. Emotional, or legal/financial.

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    Oh, and BTW, I will not even read any response you might attempt, so fuck off punk.


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