Student sues UC San Diego for injuries in anti-Trump election night protest shutting down freeway, claiming university ‘organized’ it

American Thinker: A lawsuit just filed against the University of California San Diego looks like one of those situations in which harm caused by personal irresponsibility is being blamed on “deep pocket” defendants in an effort to extract millions of dollars. But a startling claim that the university was responsible for “organizing” the election night protest against the victory of Donald Trump could lead to public exposure of the extent to which public universities have become politicized, partisan actors.

Lauren Holt of the UC San Diego Guardian reports:

Exactly one year after a car struck Revelle sophomore Mariana Flores as she entered Interstate-5 during the election night protests, Flores’ attorney filed a personal injury and property damage lawsuit against UC San Diego and several other entities. According to the complaint submitted to the San Diego Superior Court last Wednesday, Flores suffered wage loss, loss of earning capacity, hospital and medical expenses, general damage, property damage, and loss of personal property as a result of the incident.  MORE

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  1. At first glance I thought she was an innocent driver trapped by legions of unruly protesters. Nope, Mizz Flores (legal or illegal? Inquiring minds want to know) was herself a protester!

    Screw her. She’s more than likely getting a free ride at taxpayers expense. To add insult to injury (pun), she wants to fleece them for millions more. Hope she loses. She’ll have the rest of her life of “pain & suffering” to ponder how stupid rash actions oftentimes beget permanent consequences.

  2. While public universities have become politicized, partisan actors, this is a Liberal partisan actor in a Liberal state. No one will care. Nothing will be done to prevent it in the future.

  3. if you’re too stupid to realize that standing in traffic can injure you, maybe you need to sue the school for not ‘educating’ you to the fact that in encounters w/ motor vehicles you have the distinct possibility of becoming a human speed-bump

    … idiot

  4. Get the Fuck out of the road Chola , did they tell you to be sure to walk in to the traffic lane ? No, no that was you and every other Mexican youth who thinks they own the road !!!
    UCSD could have arranged this, they think they have the Power to do whatever they want on their property and off. The property alone at UCSD must be worth over a Billion easy !

  5. After that event I told UCSD that I would never again contribute to them. The statements they made in support for such unlawful behavior of the protestors says that they do not adhere to the rule of law. I’m embarrassed I attended.

  6. Janet Napolitano’s latest government army would never conscience such attacks against right-wing extremists with problematic gender.

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