Students Evacuated After Violent Police Raids, Resistance on Hong Kong Campuses


Authorities on Wednesday evacuated students from mainland China and democratic Taiwan from Hong Kong’s universities as military helicopters were spotted near one campus and students dug in for another day of siege following Tuesday’s clashes with riot police.

Dozens of mainland Chinese students carrying luggage boarded a police launch from a pier near the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), the scene of a police raid on campus on Tuesday during which officers fired more than 1,000 tear gas rounds at fleeing students.

The evacuation was arranged by the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s Central Liaison Office in Hong Kong, according to one student surnamed Pan.

“This social unrest is very worrying,” Pan said. “We came to Hong Kong to study from the mainland, but now it seems that our personal safety is under threat.”

“There have been fires everywhere on campus during the past couple of days, and we can’t study in peace, so were are getting ready to go back to the mainland,” she said. read more

5 Comments on Students Evacuated After Violent Police Raids, Resistance on Hong Kong Campuses

  1. I’d bet 10 Yuan the HK cops wish they had American college students to deal with instead, they love commies. Send Neil Young over to sing “Ohio”.

  2. I give the protesters allot of credit, usually protests tend to be short lived and extinguish themselves but these people are persistent. The commies have a big problem on their hands especially with the world watching.

  3. It hasn’t gotten as bad as it was in the 50s and 60s… but it will. Communism never really changes, it just goes through phases… starting with Socialism!

  4. Notice this is not covered by the MSM, who are beholden to the chi comms, as are the likes of parasites like le Bron James, and half our congress.


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