Students Love Medicare For All… Until Hearing What’s Actually In It

Campus Reform:

“I do support Medicare for all,” one student said, while others added, “I think every American deserves healthcare,” and “I do support that. It’s an important form of universal healthcare.” Yet another student said, “I don’t think there’s anything you could tell me that would make me view it unfavorably.” 

While strong at first, their support began to waver once Phillips walked them through the basic elements of the plan.

When told Medicare For All would remove more than 100 million Americans from their private plans, students were shocked.

“I mean they shouldn’t be kicked off, that doesn’t seem fair,” one said, while another stated simply, “the government can’t force people to have healthcare with them…” 

One student said “those who are able to get private healthcare shouldn’t have to be removed from their current plan…” . WATCH THEM

12 Comments on Students Love Medicare For All… Until Hearing What’s Actually In It

  1. Stupid generation.they go through life without a clue and do stuff because others say its right without looking into the facts of life.🤔

  2. Anyone who spends a little time studying von Mises, Milton Friedman, et al understands that government subtracts value from every dollar it takes, and that regulation leads to a slower economy which affects everyone. The problem is that too many people refuse to learn.

  3. Just pass’n thru, this isn’t new. Remember the hippies? Every generation has its’ share of brainwashed sheep.Thankfully we have the internet now and don’t have to rely on fake news.

  4. Uhhh, just a reminder: The, uh, deadline for enrollment in Obamacare is coming up on December 15th.

    Now watch me do this, uhh, keg-stand.

  5. A better question would ask them is what all is covered in the US version being flogged by the Dem candidates. I suspect since nobody actually talks about coverage the thinking on the part of the electorate is that everything is covered. Hospital, family doctor, drugs, dental, physio, sex-changes… you name it. Is there any actually easily understood description of coverage for what is being hawked? Everytime I talk to an American they think that drugs, dental and all the stuff I mentioned is covered and it’s not (at least in Canada). I think those students would be doubly surprised when they were told that they’d still be paying for it through payroll taxes, special taxes on high earners and smaller raises because their employer health tax would jump a bunch along with higher prices on consumer items.

  6. When you don’t know how to read or write, it’s easy to be a sheep. The commie indoctrination system we have today is failing our kids, and our country.

    Break the “teachers/indoctrinators” unions. Vouchers for all K-12 education. Only an educated public can make good voting decisions!

  7. Medicare (for free) covers only 80% of a hospital stay and nothing else unless I buy Part B ($135/mo or so), part D for drugs ($??, depending on what you sign up for) and a supplemental plan.
    Tell them that’s the description of ‘free’.
    For that, I’ve been paying 1.2% of my income for decades. 2.4% if you include the employer ‘contribution’.

  8. President Trump should send in the military and shut down all colleges (except Hillsdale). The “professors” should then be shipped out to Gitmo.

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