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Students of Color at Simmons College Order University to Meet Demands Or Else

A list of demands from “students of color at Simmons College” has been released to their college, with the explicit threat that if some of the demands are not met, there will be “further action.”
Simmons College
Like different campuses across the United States, African American students at Boston’s Simmons College have been protesting perceived inequities at their university. Yesterday, they released a set of demands. This was first reported by iOTW Report.

“We demand a meeting with President Helen Drinan and Provost Katie Conboy on Friday, November 20, 2015 at 7:00PM in Evans Basement,” the document reads.

“This meeting time is non-negotiable,” it continues. It then threatens, “If this meeting is not accepted there will be further action.”

On top of demanding a meeting, the students listed 10 demands that the college must do.

Demand three says that “all faculty and staff” must “be put through rigorous diversity training” because of rampant “macroaggressions and misinformation in class.”

It also demands “repercussions… performed by professors and administrators” for “micro-aggressions.”

The list further states that there must be a “safe community space where was as students of color can gather and support each other.”

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  1. That was my thought, too. Kick the whining malcontents off campus. However, on another level, it’s almost entertaining to see the leftists entrenched in our universities being devoured by a monster of their own creation. The left seems to always run into the law of unintended consequences, probably because leftists tend to be myopic and stupid.

  2. “The list further states that there must be a “safe community space where was as students of color can gather and support each other.”

    They had this once, it was called the back of the bus.

  3. All it would take is for one conservative student “of color” to declare that these rabble-rousers are guilty of microagression and that their comments condemning those who disagree with them is hate speech that needs to be stamped out. An appropriate “safe space” for such a person or persons would of course be the entire campus.

  4. There are striking similarities to Communist cells and concentration of incendiary elements to disrupt all things under the skirts of Barky while the pack of malcontents try to ascend to the top of the shit pile…just expel every one of them and send them packing, no refunds, no arguments, no chances of ever being re-enrolled. …. Lessons learned = have potential students sign and notarize documents going forward at enrollment agreeing to dismissal at will if they violate rules laid down by the board of regents….if they refuse to sign, then show them the doors with guard escorts….if they become combative, shoot them…

  5. Geezuz, it’s a girls school (thanks Marooned). I guess only having only 3 boys among 1700 undergrads is making them a little crazy. Tuition must be a bomb for this place and the attendees are precious little snowflakes looking to show Mom and Dad at least some sort of accomplishment for their money. Anyway, the administration ought to thank them for their concern then inform them that none of their demands will be met and anyone participating in disruptive activities will be immediately expelled.

  6. from what I’m seeing, they should either go into a skilled trade they enjoy or something related to robotics or automation. (which is math or science, yes)

  7. they think they have it rough. they have no idea what rough is. In muzzie countries females can barely get any kind of formal education, some women have been stoned for going to school
    The wimps occupying our colleges need to grow some thicker skin,
    and stop taking offense at trivial and often totally in their imagination slights.

  8. It must be heart breakingly awful to be a poor, poor, poor oppressed minority student at Simmons where tuition is $38,000 a year.

  9. A skilled trade like human relationship counselor or recreational pharmaceutical vendor demands adequate street corners and the only ones left are in neighborhoods of non-color.

  10. I’ll bet that a large percentage of these so-called “students” are Affirmative Action types, and a lot of them are on a scholarship. Time to stand up to these thugs, and send them packing.

  11. How about the college admin conceded to the demands but first releases to the public the HS and college grades of said protesters who are subsidized by the taxpayer? Then we can see the brain power of our elite college students who most likely were accepted due to AA programs.

  12. @Gah; I don’t think so. The vast majority of the students in the progressive factory are white and I suspect a great deal of them been brought up by lefty parents to take on the new original sin of racism whether they’re guilty or not. This is the way they expiate themselves from it and at the same time try to create a sense of belonging and self-worth. I’d really wonder how many of the very few blacks attending this waste of money would actually show up to a rally. I also figure that the parents of a lot of these students are blowing a head pipe at finding out what their little darling is getting up to on their dime.

  13. A libtard acquaintance of mine had a son who went to Simmons and got some worthless degree perhaps in tree toad farts. Three years later the graduate is still unemployed except for tutoring tree toad farts 10 hours a week, getting gov’t assistance and generally being a worthless sponge.

  14. And separate tables (near the back) of the safe space area?
    Reserved safe space seats on (the back of) the bus?
    BTW, I always thought a safe space was a padded room. Just set the t-stat down enough so those snowflakes don’t ‘melt’.

  15. Nope it was his daughter who went to Simmons. Sonny boy went to Williams and got a worthless degree in French literature.

  16. All these aggrieved college students at all the universities should be gathered up and taken to DC for a huge rally. They can be encouraged to go with promises of tea and marmalade when they get there.

  17. it’s really hard to post on sites without being off-the-wall profane, angry, pissed, and just fucking fed up.

    so…i’ll be quiet

    someday it wont be the rockets red glare on the horizon

  18. why not simply give these idiots each a diploma with the highest marks possible and kick them off school property and be done with it , the fact that the diplomas would be useless { are there any other kind these days }will never dawn on the mindless , everyone gets happy

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