Students organize walkout in support of fired deputy

fields support

The deputy, who was also an assistant football coach at the school, was fired Wednesday after videos that went viral on social media showed the school resource officer forcibly removing a student from her desk after she failed to leave the room after being asked by a teacher, an administrator and deputy Fields himself.

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) – Students at Spring Valley Friday morning gathered to show support for fired school resource officer Ben Fields.

Videos on social media show students at Spring Valley attempting a walkout around 10am in support of the fired deputy.

6 Comments on Students organize walkout in support of fired deputy

  1. i did not know this guy was fired

    apparently they did not spend any time or brain cells reviewing the video

    insanity is ruling the day

  2. Every time one of these feral ghetto rats decides to go Travis the chimp at school and totally disregard every expectation of civil society, there shouldn’t be a need to call every freaking body from the dog catcher to the US Marines. Why are we letting these social misfits make the rules about what will shape our world and the way we all have to live?

  3. I watched the episode on FOX. Not one of the commentators asked, even wondered out loud, ‘what did the student do to deserve such attention’?
    They reported it as though the officer was a brute. Par for the course.


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