Students sense of ‘justice’ wasn’t inculcated at college level



The specter, on the nation’s campuses, of frightened, middle-aged white educators, mostly men, resigning in fear of a mob rising in rage against hurtful words and gestures – all constitutionally protected speech – is an organic extension of the American educational project, down to your child’s school.

If your kids are in the country’s educational gulag – primary, secondary or tertiary – however well they’re faring, they’re still being brainwashed and de-civilized. Most private schools are now bastions of progressivism, too. “Progressivism,” of course, does not imply progress.

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  1. One more time:

    “… the present-day education carries the revolution beneath its heart. When it gives birth, the child it has nourished with its blood will kill its own mother.”

  2. I think the backlash on this bullshit is finally rising, because too many other students are having their expensive education disrupted for a cause that they initially might have supported, but which has turned against them personally if they dare speak out and say that they disagree with anything these agitators demand.

    Too many students are feeling bullied and intimidated by these protesters who attack any critic personally, physically, and on social media with death threats. The mob mentality surrounding BLM has been apparent from the start, and is finally beginning to sink into the rest of the student body.

    That said, I still believe there is a relatively small group of black radical agitators traveling around the country stirring up trouble where ever they can. Any incident that provokes a police response is escalated to violence just as soon as it can be arranged. We’re in the midst of an enormous spike in black on black, and black on white violent crime in this country, and much of it is being deliberately ramped up by people who do not have any good intent about anything, other than to bring down whitey.

    It gets worse before it gets better. I think we will see mass black on white student violence on more than one campus over this before the madness passes.


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