Study: 1.2 Million Healthcare Jobs at Risk Under Medicare for All


More than 1.2 million healthcare jobs are at risk under Medicare for All, according to a study released Monday.

FTI Consulting and the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future released a study that found the single-payer Medicare for All program “could have a significant negative impact on the adequacy of the country’s health care workforce, access to care, and, ultimately, patient outcomes.”

The study found that Medicare for All could have a devastating effect on Amerca’s healthcare workforce, which could reduce the number of physicians by 44,693 by 2050 relative to current projections.

The study found that primary care physicians could be particularly affected, as Medicare for All could reduce the number of those healthcare workers by 10,0286 within the next 30 years.

Medicare for All’s reduced Medicare reimbursement rates would also result in 90 percent of hospitals running consistent deficits, which would put hospitals at risk.

FTI Consulting and the Partnership predict that the nursing workforce will reach shortage levels by 2030; however, Medicare for All may reduce the number of nurses and other workers by 1.2 million by 2050.

Medicare for All would also reportedly decrease the number of U.S. physicians by 5.4 percent, which would particularly impact rural communities. read more

6 Comments on Study: 1.2 Million Healthcare Jobs at Risk Under Medicare for All

  1. All those wanna be commie assholes in this country that want this shit should just move to a country like Cuba or Venezuela where they can live the dream and leave us AMERICANS the fuck alone!

  2. Medicare for all is a complete disaster for America. It might be fine for all those imbeciles who favor socialism. Move to a socialist country and report back in 5 to 7 years. The USSR went bankrupt, so did Venezuela. Get the helll out of here. Try Saudi Arabia.

  3. 1.2 mil jobs lost. That’s only on the first day, right? Then taxes double for those who work for a living while those who vote for a living gain unlimited access to free medical care.

  4. The jobs of these workers are not a reason for being against “Medicare for All”. Would we complain that cutting regulations and reducing the size of government would cause people to lose jobs? Or that stopping the climate change crony capitalism will put a lot of people working in certain academic or industrial fields out of work?

    This kind of argument only detracts from the numerous substantial reasons for not endorsing an unworkable socialist idea.

  5. Resulting in consistent deficits of hospital staffing?

    That’s been happening for about 20 years but okay….

    What they don’t admit is their dystopian goal is a reduction in population so that we don’t need all these healthcare professionals anymore.

    Tell me I’m delusional.


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