Study: Bringing Pharmaceutical Production Back to U.S. Creates 800K Jobs

Breitbart: Bringing pharmaceutical production back to the United States would create more than 800,000 American jobs, economists say.

A study by the Coalition for a Prosperous America’s Steven Byers and Jeff Ferry reveals that the U.S. could add hundreds of thousands of good-paying manufacturing jobs for American citizens and reduce its dependence on foreign countries like China if it reshored all pharmaceutical production.

“The US is dependent on China for over one-third of all the antibiotics we import, and in the case of many generic drugs, we are completely dependent on China,” the economists wrote.

“We found that an ambitious but realistic reshoring program could create 804,000 US jobs and add $200 billion to annual GDP in the first year,” they continued. “The benefits in terms of security of supply are separate, and in times like the present, critically important.”

Currently, according to the study, about 80 percent of pharmaceuticals imported to the U.S. arrive from ten foreign countries — including Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, and Japan. read more

9 Comments on Study: Bringing Pharmaceutical Production Back to U.S. Creates 800K Jobs

  1. Bring everything back. Let’s not be put in a vulnerable position again. There was a time not that long ago when we were considered the manufacturing capitol of the world.

  2. That would be great.

    Also, this way if something goes weird with a drug, we don’t have to go overseas to beat somebody’s ass.

  3. And masks, bandages, iv needles, etc. Yeah, this might be a very good thing in the long run. President Trump will get re-elected when the economy comes back. Just watch for massive cheating by demrats.

  4. Different Tim- We used to make fabric here. Good fabric. Right now, you can practically see through the cloth they’re making in China and Malaysia. The quality is shit, and it’s still expensive.

  5. Only going to take one frivolous law suit to send our pharmaceutical manufacturing right back to China. Fix Tort reform first.

  6. MJA, when I buy new shirts, more often than not I’m sewing the buttons back on after a washing or two. Thank you boy scouts that I know how to sew well enough to at least do that!

  7. @MJA 100% right about the fabric. You can read a book through the Pakastani fabric. Pure crap. I think it was Cranston that went to China to avoid EPA regs followed by other companies. Add to that JoAnn’s wants to charge quilt shop prices for flimsy fabrics. I am glad I am a fabric hoarder with hundreds of yards stashed. MJA if you need anything let me know through the Fur and I will happy to share. There’s everything from Asian to Zebra fabric in the stash. Also some ’70’s vintage stuff I think.


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