Study: China Is Selling Kenya Fish Poisoned with Mercury, Lead, Pesticides

Not a good month for China.

Breitbart: The Chinese government is selling Kenya tons of fish poisoned with high levels of toxins like mercury, lead, and arsenic, the African country’s the Nation newspaper revealed in a study published Wednesday.

In the past three years, China has overwhelmed the Kenyan fish market with high volumes of cheap farmed fish like tilapia, making it impossible for Kenyans to subsist off of fishing in Lake Victoria as they cannot compete with the low prices of the Chinese product. Yet for years, reports have warned that the fish imported from Nairobi’s communist business partner is toxic, particularly dangerous to pregnant or nursing women who may pass on the poison to infant children. read more

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  1. “China Is Selling Kenya Fish Poisoned with Mercury, Lead, Pesticides”

    …well, that explains Barry Soetoro, anyway…

  2. How many millions of tons of Chinese products are shipped to the US with the same or similar problems??? These chinese producers are not required to follow USDA standards and production facilities are not inspected. How long will we dodge the bullet? Or is it too Late?

  3. That’s why my wife ALWAYS makes sure she knows the country of origin for the food she buys at the supermarket! Get NOTHING that comes from China… and that includes your pet food!
    From China: Don’t buy.
    Don’t know: Don’t buy.
    “Distributed by” is not an indicator. It’s usually a mask.
    Every now and then they try to slip something from China on to the shelves… beware!

  4. I’m with TRF. I do not buy any foodstuffs, for man or beast, from Asia, and especially from China. You have to look at the labels. If I’m not sure from the label, I don’t buy it.

    The medications are impossible to evaluate, unless they are over the counter.

  5. There is not one single thing that anyone in the vast Chinese “government” does in which bribe, extortion, or kickback money does not change hands. Everyone in China who is involved in even the most mundane transaction is on the take, whether it’s to provide access or to avoid scrutiny. This is what happens under communism, so it should come as no surprise, whatsoever, that when anyone — be it an individual or trade partner country — is doing business with the Chinese they will pay a price of some kind. If the Chinese Way seems familiar in our own government on a too regular basis, it’s because the Democrat party and it’s representatives, like the Chinese gov’t, cannot honestly deliver on their deeply flawed, pie-in-the-sky, schemes. Unlike the Chinese, however, who would split a gut over your naivety, the Democrats bury their corruption in 20,000+ page bills and regulations, like the Affordable Care Act, which they have corruptly strong-armed into existence on the front-end.

    It comes back to that old saying in commerce: You can have it (whatever *it* is) done right, done quickly, and at the lowest cost, but you can never have all three. In my opinion, anyone who insists on having all three are advocating slave labor — which is how the Chinese have strong-armed Nigerian fishermen on Lake Victoria and cornered the market on toxic talapia in Africa and their other Belt and Road trade partners.

  6. ….this is precisely what POTUS Trump recognized in the NAFTA trade agreement and why he insisted on a bilateral agreement with China. He couldn’t come right out during negotiations with them and call them lying crooks, but he knows what they are. If there is only one trade partner in the world that needed a good ass kicking, it was China. I’m grateful Trump recognized that.

  7. Tilapia are farmed in sewage lagoons, no mater where they come from.
    You have seen them on nature shows. They are the fish that follow the hippos around.

  8. ….I doubt if there is even one in fifty Americans who understand how close China was, before Trump, to owning the U.S. outright. Bad_Brad grasps this with his comment about pharmaceuticals. There is no reason on God’s earth the Chinese should be trusted to manufacture something as critical as the U.S. pharma supply. It really is a matter of national security.

  9. “The Chinese government is selling Kenya tons of fish poisoned with high levels of toxins like mercury, lead, and arsenic …”

    If Kenya is aware of this and continues to buy cheap, poisoned fish, I don’t see the problem.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. The Chinese make good use of all the fish that float up from their rivers where they dump all of their industrial waste.

  11. gin blossom — When Geoff C. and I were in China in the late 90s, we stayed near the U.S. consulate in the former British enclave of Guanzhou’s Shamian Island, in the middle of the Pearl river and one of the busiest shipping routes in southern China. We saw the Pearl river from a distance of only a few feet while out walking along piers and over bridges. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen. The water literally boiled like a thermal mud basin. God knows what is at the bottom of that massive river causing zero water clarity, colorful bubbles and a viscosity that defies description. I don’t imagine there was a living thing in that river and it was frightening to think of falling into something like that. I’d like to see Green Peace, PETA and the other poncy earth muffins take on the communist Chinese for their part in global warming. Ain’t gonna happen.

  12. Actually, Tilapia, contrary to popular belief, and I know this first-hand, is not an “Asian” fish, although they farm them in Asia now. Tilapia is a genetically engineered fish that was “created” by the NC State Agricultural college about 30ish years ago.

  13. Marvin Gaye sang about “fish full of mercury” in 1971. Then his old man shot him in 1984. Where’d that get him?

  14. By our own grubbermint admission only 2% of ALL imported food is checked by the FDA. The rest of it gets a pass until enough people drop dead and even then it has to be the “right” kind of people…. which is why this has been going on for years in Kenya.

    Once a buddy of mine running a food truck began to show up at boston harbor to buy his foodstuff wholesale I got a real education on just how “safe” our food supply really is and it would curl your hair to hear the truth from the people who work there every day.

  15. Abigail Adams, the Pearl River in China sounds a lot like Shit River, the drainage canal between Olongapo City in the Philippines and the Subic Bay Navy base. It was the most disgusting thing I ever saw in a turd world country. Filipino kids would swim in it begging the sailors as they crossed over from the Navy Base to Pubic bay to throw them pesos and they would dive into the shitty waters to retrieve the pesos thrown at them. It was the closest place to Hell on Earth I’ve ever been.

  16. I wouldn’t trust the US Gov. to have higher standards for food inspection than Kenya or Europe. The Kenyan’s found the contamination. Does the FDA?

    “…Some 85 percent of the seafood Americans consume is imported. … the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) checks just two percent of imports for contaminants (including drug residues, microbes and heavy metals), the study reported, compared to 20 to 50 percent in Europe, 18 percent in Japan and up to 15 percent in Canada.

    And when the FDA does inspect seafood imports, it looks for residues from only 13 drugs. In contrast, Europe tests for 34 drugs. That means overseas fish farms can be using a range of drugs for which the U.S. doesn’t even screen…” .

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