Study Claims Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Eggs ‘Bad for the Environment’

CNS: On Friday, two days before Easter, an academic journal published a study claiming that chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs are harmful to the environment.

The study, published in Food Research International, finds offense in everything about the Easter treats, from the amount of water it takes to produce them to the foil they’re wrapped in. Thus, they’re condemned as “bad for the environment.”  MORE

13 Comments on Study Claims Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Eggs ‘Bad for the Environment’

  1. Let’s face it. Liberals are simply killjoys.
    They lead miserable lives and wish to make everyone around them miserable too.

    There really can be no other explanation.

  2. You can blame liberals, they are nuttier than a fruitcake.The only choice they have in life is to hate everything, and everybody, passionately.

  3. Can we just consolidate all the things into 1 for environmental wacko’s? Humans are bad for the environment. Of course so was the volcano that wiped everything out during the Permian extinction, Ice ball earth event, The mini planet that crashed into the earth and created the moon. That meteor, down towards the Yucatan wasn’t exactly healthy either.

  4. I’m pretty sure there are bigger threats to the environment than Easter Bunnies.
    Academics. Pffft…

  5. Baby Jesus wants me to eat milk chocolate on Easter (and rejoice in eternal redemption, family, and joy of God’s beautiful world) and the left can go get f***ed.


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