Study: Cleaning products tied to lung function decline in women

FOX: Women with regular exposure to cleaning products may face a steeper decline in lung function over time, according to an international study.

Women who used sprays or other cleaning products at least once per week had a more accelerated decline than women who didn’t, the study authors wrote.

“We’re cleaning in our houses every day and every week. It’s important to have this discussion about cleaning and what we do in our homes,” said lead study author Dr. Oistein Svanes of the University of Bergen, Norway.

“This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t clean – of course we need to clean our houses,” he told Reuters Health by phone. “But we need to question what chemicals we’re using and how they affect us.”

Bergen and colleagues studied more than 6,200 participants in the European Community Respiratory Health Survey. At 22 health centers in nine countries in western Europe, participants had lung function tests and filled out questionnaires three times over the course of 20 years.

On average, the survey takers were in their mid-30s when they enrolled. About half were female. Eighty-five percent of the women said they were the person cleaning at home.  more here

SNIP: It’s a European study, so somehow this will end up being the fault of White men. lol.

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  1. I’ve been using the tried and true Chlorine Bleach and Ammonia

    on the old IOTWR Toilets…Haven’t had any complaints

    or returning Patrons…

  2. That’s bad news. Even worse would be if making sammiches is unhealthy, too.

    Seriously, it IS bad news and I really shouldn’t make light of it.

  3. Whomping vittles & makin’ sammiches for hubby, are shown to IMPROVE women’s health though! 😀

  4. Then I should be in an oxygen tent 24/7. Most women shop for purses, shoes, makeup, girly things.
    I’m hooked on cleaning products. Mom was fastidious when it came to a clean house and I inherited her clean gene.

    On the other hand, my older sis threw a good set of dishes in the trash rather than wash them when she moved. Ugh. I injest mega vitamins and use Purell by the gallon when I visit.

  5. Uh, yeah. Right. And janitors who swim in this stuff 8 hours a day their entire careers don’t have problems? Hmmmm… Two ulterior motives; easy money for lawyers or lucrative government grant money. That easy government grant money? THAT is how we got global warming. Researchers who concluded GW was legit were rewarded with lucrative grants. Skeptics were cut off from grant money.

  6. 20 years. Are we done yet with the feminist victimization studies? Try hairspray or cosmetics.

    Because as we all know, men aren’t ever exposed to chemicals in their work places. And because this makes no sense:

    “Oddly, the study suggested there’s no difference in lung function between men who routinely used cleaning products and those who didn’t. But the researchers suggest that might be because there are fewer men who work as cleaners.” (What were these men using the cleaning products for?)

  7. Regular, about a cup and a half of Tide,not liquid, in the bathtub…fill to brim and let soak for at least an hour. Drain. Sprinkle baking soda all over and rub with a wet microfiber cloth, rinse, put on sunglasses to deflect the sparkle.

    I do use regular toilet bowl cleaner, but my friend always put on her rubber gloves and washed her bowl with ivory liquid.

    I use Shakely Basic G and after I’m out I using my new bottle of Young Living Thieves cleaner. My neighbor uses it for everything.

    For many, many purposes, I have a spray bottle filled with plain old vinegar in each bathroom and in the kitchen.

    Microfiber rags are pretty fantastic for cleaning. I do wash mine. They don’t absorb forever when washed, but they are really meant to be tossed when they get gross.

    There is a company that sells silver infused microfiber rags. Our daughter saw a demo of before and after swipe tests on counter bacteria. She bought the rags, and she is Mrs. Clean.

    One of my favorite uses for baking soda: When you pull a pot or Corningware out of the dishwasher and you find some still baked on crud, I take one of my cut microfiber rags (I cut the older ones in 4.) wet the rag, wet the pot or Corningware, sprinkle baking soda in it, and rub it with the rag. It even works on the grayish film splotches left on stainless steel fry pans. Rinse it out, dry and it’s done. Forget the kitchen cleanser, SOS pads, etc. It even takes out the black scratch marks on dinner plates. Never hurts the glaze.

    I keep a large open plastic “glass” of baking soda on my kitchen counter.
    Also, the soda is handy if I start a grease fire – again.

    My hardwood floors are cleaned with a 25% vinegar to 75% water. Sprayed, rubbed and dryed.

  8. Turns out I’m a great housewife. Wait till I show this to my wife. No honey, it is not that us men are slobs, we care about your health. That is why I only clean when company is coming over. Finally proof I know what I’m doing.

  9. i have never used aerosols to clean anything……been cleaning things since i can remember, age 4 or 5…..four brothers never had to clean the toilet, me, bean the GIRL child, got the job……

    vacuumed…..did the laundry….did the dishes….took out the trash….also had to learn to cook….

    weirdly enough, i was the only child out of five (my four brothers were not interested) who wanted to learn carpentry from our dad….learned to use jigsaws and band saws and table saws by the time i was 12……both the standing ones and the hand-held ones, which were hard for a little girl to control…

    end result – i live in a house i designed on graph paper, which i then engineered, and then we built it with OUR OWN HANDS – “we” bean my lawfully wedded husband and our two sons, who were old enough wield hammers at the crucial time, even if they were too young to operate the power tools….they nailed down plenty of flooring, and enjoyed every minute of it…..

    i am really tired of hearing about how hard “women” have it …..

    my parents never EVER considered paying for their girl-child to go to college, while they sent all four sons….none of whom managed to graduate……

    and yet….here i am…..sitting in the 3200 sq ft two-story house we built with our own hands……on six acres we cleared with our own hands….in the middle of nowhere, which is the BEST place to be…..

    SO THERE……or TAKE THAT…..whatever……


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