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Study Proposes Victims Of “Racial Trauma” Take A “Trip”

Red State

As indicated by scientific research published in the journal Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, lysergic acid diethylamide — otherwise known as LSD — can overthrow what ails ya.

From the University of Ottawa’s Dr. Monnica Williams:

“Currently, there are no empirically supported treatments specifically for racial trauma. This study shows that psychedelics can be an important avenue for healing.”

Also under the umbrella of useful agents: Mushrooms and ecstasy. More

31 Comments on Study Proposes Victims Of “Racial Trauma” Take A “Trip”

  1. I never did it because of emotional trauma. And I damn sure never did it for healing purposes. I just did it because it was fun. That was nearly 50 years ago. I did have some friends that didn’t make it all the way back. You’ve got to be careful who gets a dose or two.

  2. Joe, I was a Pfizer trial monkey a bit myself in my youth. Not proud but won’t hide from the facts. Knew some guys that didn’t quite return fully after some trips. Makes me hesitant to see this advised. Wonder if anybody there ever heard of addiction?

  3. Psychedelic addiction? Can’t say as I’ve ever heard of it. Anything is possible.
    Would it be a bad thing if these “racially traumatized victims” took a trip out……and never came back? The lights are on……but no one is home? Awwwwww…..poor widdle snowflakes (fake sniff).

  4. >>What the fuck is “racial trauma?”

    Not exactly sure, but I think Joe got a dose for his Corn Pop Experience.

  5. why don’t they give it to the perpetrator of whatever ‘racial trauma’ is?
    give it to them and send them over to pelosi’s house for some ice cream. Problems will be solved.

  6. Mushrooms. Like…a tiny amount.

    No way would I touch LSD. I saw a dude in college get taken out of his dorm by the cops. Dude was waked out of skull screaming “DONT TOUCH MY PENIS!” over and over.

    No. way. ever.

    Course’ I’d totally recommend it for people I didn’t like.

    Plus, doesn’t acid last for 18 hours or something? Hippies, help me out here.

  7. I have heard that this is a THING…micro-dosing on LSD throughout the day.

    Paging Dr. Timothy Leary…and the Moody Blues of COURSE:

    Did mushrooms visiting a friends dorm at RPI once, scared the shit outta me enough NOT to try THAT again…but dam was it colorful…

  8. Albino Bear, that’s one thing you are right about, acid lasted beyond the point that was fun. Therefore Qualudes or Valium was kind of handy to have on hand. Plenty of alcohol and buds were also helpful. Glad those days are way behind me.

  9. Quaalude and Valium and weed and booze to come down off of acid.


    Good thing you weren’t a hippie.

    I stand by meth. It’s never hurt anybody who wasn’t a complete fricken’ idiot. Probably not good for racial trauma victims….but whatever. Better than weed. We all know what weed does to people.

  10. I was a hippie. OJ was the recommended medicine of choice to ease one down from a trip. That, and a friend with a soothing voice and bedside manner.

  11. Allah Burrd, it took more than drugs to make a person a hippie. They needed peace and love, and free shit. I always had a job, was ambitious as heck. Just misdirected.

  12. Joe, acid is the only drug that I admit to being scared of.

    Not sure what it’s intended use is for….but no thanks. Would literally prefer to be wired on speed riding a motorcycle for 13 hours at a shot.

  13. LSD is great but not for everyone. Helped me overcome depression. It’s not a quantifiable stand alone item with a guaranteed result. It’s a right place, right time, right people around you.

    This is pretty close to when it is done correctly:

    Or as some trippy, dippy, hippie might say “you need to forget yourself, man”.

    Stand outside of yourself. View yourself objectively. That is why some people crack. That can be a breaker of a realization if you are a terrible person or racked with a traumatic past or regrets and you are trying to power through that alone with no guidance.

    Don’t know about 18 hours. 6-12 hours is not out of the question. You buy the ticket and you take the ride. No one should take that ride involuntarily.


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