Study Shows J&J Vax Statistically Ineffective After 5 Months

I think researchers will find that the vax does more harm than good the moment the needle goes in.

Prior to the vax there was no rhyme or reason to who brushed off Covid as if it were nothing and who went on a vent. After the vax? Same thing. Only the vaxxed has to grapple with the dangers of the vax.


A study published Thursday reported a steep decline in vaccine effectiveness against infection by August of this year, especially for people who received the J&J vaccine.

The researchers found that among more than 600,000 veterans, J&J’s vaccine’s protection fell from 88% in March to 3% in August. Meanwhile, Moderna’s vaccine protection against infection fell to 64% from 92%, and Pfizer’s declined to 50% from 91% during that same time period.


There are people with passports, self-righteous douchebags, who are welcomed by the totalitarians to participate in society when they are arguably more of a liability than the unvaxxed.

Are the vaxxed doomed? – ht/ fdr in hell

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  1. Big Pharma learned watching Big Tech.
    Take the Jab so we collect recurring $$$ for all your ‘boosters’.
    Remember those free printers whose ink cartridges cost most in a year than the printer was worth?

  2. If Fauci used science as a guide, no one would target him, instead he pulls gimmicks out of his rear end and calls it science.

  3. Some of us have said since the beginning that eventually the vaxxed will be the lepers.
    They already should be and would be if we had honest people in government, media and medical leaders.

  4. I sure hope my parents don’t see this, I am arriving home in a couple of weeks right after the 5-month mark and I did the J&J.
    Not that I care or am concerned, but my parents like to worry about this crap.

  5. Depends on what they mean by “ineffective”. It appears to be very effective at some things. Just not the things it was supposed to do.

  6. I currently have a nasty case of COVID. Been working hard to stay out of the hospital. Wife vas Pfizer-vaxed and has it too. She’s sicker than a dog as well.

    Meanwhile the CCP keeps greasing US palms and no one pays the price.

  7. Fuck, don’t push stories like this. Some asshole will tell me to take a booster of the J&J and I don’t want to do so.

  8. It’s funny. When you get something that doesn’t match the hype, usually you don’t get more. I guess the pharma companies are really bummed that their vaccines are crap and they have to keep selling more to the government.

  9. LCDan/HungJumper
    Get a prescription for Ivermectin from Front Line Doctors.
    Give them your situation and ask them for a preventative dosage prescription in your case Dan, and treatment protocol for you Hung.
    As a last resort, use the animal version.
    It works.
    I know.

  10. FLCCC has a list of doctors that will prescribe Ivermectin. I know of one in particular, Dr. Michael Turner in Kennewick, Washington, he has been remarkably quick for a couple of my friends. Meds on the way in 2 days. It took me a full month but I think he made some changes that seem to be working well.

  11. If they can perform research that can come to this conclusion why can’t they confirm if ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine work or not?

  12. Well, I’m Glad I got the Pfizer Jabs, but its been 4 months and if this Hard On does not Subside soon I’m going to file a lawsuit!

  13. Alex Jone has been right so many times it’s scary. Just because he’s loud doesn’t mean he’s not credible.

  14. Kcir
    If it lasts any longer, you need to seek professional help.
    Run down to the local truckstop back row parking area.
    Ask for Laquesha

  15. J&j was also sued for peddling cancer-causing talc powder which they knew about when the thing was developed and sold anyway. Same goes for their bogus vaxx which causes irreparable harm and injury to the human body.

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