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STUNNING: List of Trump Administration Accomplishments

While the party of treason has spent the whole of the past three years destroying America and persecuting us (via Trump), President Trump goes from one major accomplishment to another.

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  1. The whole commie traitor culture can’t touch the Don! Imagine where we would be if we had more than a handful of righteous patriots in Congress.

  2. I voted for President Trump because I believed he did not ‘need’, ‘deserve’ or even ‘want’ to be President.

    I believe he appreciates that he is alive and able to accomplish things in this mortal life, and found during his long life that nothing is more gratifying that accomplishment.

    He saw all that was FUBAR with our country and this planet, and instead of wringing his hands, or tsk-tsk-ing about it, he thought “what a chance to just do what needs to be done, to MAGA” (amongst other things).

    May God continue to Bless us, by enabling President Trump to endure and continue what he is doing, fighting ne’er-do-wells the whole way through !!!

  3. A list of unforgivable sins according to the Washington insiders. “This guy is putting a dam in our income stream, and he’s committed the mortal sin of keeping promises he made to the American people.”


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