Stupid On Too Many Levels

The image on the left is NOT equality according to conservatives. That’s called cheating to get a cheap peek at something you didn’t pay for.

And how is it equality for the little guy to take a box from the big guy? Equality would be, “I have my box, and no one is stopping you from getting your own.”

It’s equal opportunity, not equal outcome, we strive for.

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  1. Both pictures illustrate theft (or attempted theft) to a conservative (the picture insinuates that they didn’t pay to see the game).

    For liberals, the picture on the right illustrates a potential lawsuit with convenient witnesses when the stumpy little bastard topples off of the stacked boxes and hurts himself while stealing a “free seat” at the ball game.

    Equality would be if all three of those pictured put forth the effort to get a job and paid for their own tickets to watch the game from the cheap seats rather than trying to avoid paying to see the game by trying to peek over the fence.

  2. Just fooling ourselves, grool. “We” never had control of anything. We already are ruled by Democrats; some just choose an “R” to give the illusion of choice.

  3. If the tall guy wants to willingly give his box to the short guy that would be kindness.

    To take the box from the tall guy by force and redistribute it to the short guy is socialism.

  4. Make it an NFL game and show the conservative walking away.
    Then it doesn’t matter because without the conservative paying to support the entire affair, the players and everyone else gets sent home. Boxes don’t matter.

  5. I remember seeing this exact analogy before-kids of varying heights on boxes watching a game over a fence–in old Commie/Socialist Workers recruiting propaganda from the 1920s/1930s.

    Communism recycles old ideas. Like Antifa adopting the German Communist Party flag if the 1920s for 2017.

    Which 1930s-1940s American labor leader Commie said ” Americans will gradually accept each and every principle of Socialism if they are presented to them in the guise of Liberalism”?

  6. Conservatism would show the tall guy offering his box to the short guy. The short guy, however because he’s liberal, would scream something about ‘shortism and supremacy’ and refuse the offer. In the next panel, the short guy takes the tall guy’s box while pointing a gun at the tall guy.


    If the gov’t tells you what you NEED, and/or steals it from someone else, then it’s wrong.

    If the boxes were given freely, it’s Ok.

    MORAL: Sometimes when you need a box or 2, it’s Ok to innovate your own solution.

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