Subhuman Somali Mob Attacks Man In Ilhan Omar’s District

Geller Report:
America, this is your future and it’s murder.


By Ryan Saavedra, DW, September 13, 2019

Law enforcement officials in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) 14th Congressional District have arrested over a dozen suspects in connection with a possible crime ring that was recently caught on camera allegedly beating a man.

“According to a report provided by Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder, a three-day sweep conducted two weeks ago ended with police arresting 16 people between the ages of 13 and 25,” KSTP reported. “The suspects are seen on surveillance video punching, kicking and riding over one man with a bike.”

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  1. Col. Samuel Colt and the Sainted John Moses Browning brought gifts to the face of this planet that the smallest among us need not suffer such insult to our persons.

  2. Back in the mid 90’s my church as well as others sponsored a few Somali refugee families. I’m not so sure now and I really don’t know what happened to them as we have very few Somali refugees in the Eastern Wash. area now. We mostly have Russians and Eastern European refugees in this area. I like the Vietnamese and other refugees from SE Asia the most, they’ve assimilated to America well in this area.

  3. Tick

    It’s coming muzzafookers.
    America is patient. We’re feeling over patient. Happy talk is nearly over.

  4. don’t know about your area, but the DC area & suburbs all the way from southern MD to the northern & central counties, have practically nothing but Sammy Fed-Ex drivers. they can barely drive the vans, barely speak English, are never on time, & handle packages like basketballs. every time they back down my driveway is an adventure. I actually video them now, since 2 have backed up so poorly they’ve hit trees & have had to call tow trucks. Seems that back in 2012, Black Jesus told Fed-Ex that if they wanted to continue to work w/ the US Gubmint they had to hire the Sammies.
    my local UPS driver told me that Fed-Ex broke their contract w/ Amazon because they couldn’t deliver prime packages on time.
    …. these are the people that do the jobs Americans won’t do … yeah, right

  5. @Lunatic Fringe

    While National Reciprocity has not been passed or argued before a court, it has been in a round-about way instituted.

    When SCOTUS ruled that states must honor same-sex marriages performed in another state due to the 14th amendment-specifically the Due Process clause and the Equal Protection clause, it gave concealed carry licensees the same protection that states must afford to same-sex marriages.

    The only problem is, somebody must be arrested in another state, their gun confiscated and have deep pockets to pursue this. Maybe the NRA, GOA and/or gun manufacturers would spring for the lawyers.

    On the practical side, I have an AZ non resident permit. Good for 36 states, I think. Which include most states I would travel in. Except Oregon.
    I think the big would the Good Samaritan Bill. When “Way To Gabby Gifford” got shot in the Safeway parking lot there were several ccw’s present. All of them ducked down and hid out until it was over. They were interviewed by LE and were asked why didn’t you engage the shooter. And everyone of them said, Didn’t want to get sued.”
    We’ve had two mass shooting in Texas in the last 4 weeks. The guy in El Paso spent 20 minutes shooting people and was arrested while driving away. I find it hard to believe there weren’t about a dozen guns in that mall.
    Same thing as Odessa. Personally, I’m not puling my weapon until it comes down to protecting me and mine. If you do, you run the gamble of facing financial ruin. If our politicians were serous about stopping these kind of shooting events they’d pass such legislation. It’s not a secret.
    When seconds count, help is minutes away. Unless you live in El Paso. Then it’s 30 minutes away.

  7. Somali. Average IQ 68. Problem?
    Uneducable. “Moron” on intelligence scale. Here.
    Brought in for free ride compliments of the Kenyan.

  8. Yes. Subhuman is the correct description. I’d want to embellish that with vile, stinking human excrement in some way.

  9. It’s a shame we can’t use the “N” word anymore. But we can call them sub-human, violent animals and savages. Actually the “N” word is kinder and gentler than those words.

  10. @Geoff,

    I think you are right about the Vietnamese immigrants, who fled Vietnam because they hated communism. They took advantage of freedom and made it work for them. They have contributed much to America. I believe that if we have a civil war, they will be stalwart fighters for conservatism.

  11. @Mark

    The word “nigger” is considered bad because of the implications and connotations of the word. It’s just a mispronunciation of negro, that’s all.

    It’s not the word itself, which is only guilty of being mispronounced. I wish we were free to use it, without it being considered hate speech.

    I admit that, with society the way it is, I would not use the word, not because I think it is inherently bad, but because how other people react to it. It would hurt some people who I really like and admire, and I do want to preserve my health and well-being.

  12. Amazing that these disgusting subhumans could get away with this. I can’t imagine how that hate monger Omar ever got elected! This is what the liberals are defacto encouraging! Definitely racist! Definitely targeting white people ! Yet they get a pass from media because it supports the liberal agenda ! Disgusting ! Anyone know how to help this poor guy?

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