Sudan moves to repeal some Islamist laws after 30 years in place

FOX: The rules also repeal punishments such as public floggings.

Sudan has outlined reforms that will see a rollback some of the strict Islamist rules in the country after 30 years, authorities announced.

The new rules include allowing non-Muslims to drink alcohol and scrapping public flogging as a punishment, as well as a ban on female genital mutilation, Reuters reported. Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari explained that the focus will be on dropping laws that violate human rights in Sudan.

A transition government led by Abdalla Hamdok replaced autocrat Omar al-Bashir after he was toppled last year by the military following months of mass protests. Hamdok’s government vowed to transition to democracy, end discrimination and make peace with rebels. MORE HERE

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  2. You know what’s amazing is that the bureau of tourism probably thinks this new policy statement makes the Sudan more attractive.


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