Sudden Interest in Books On Fascism

The price for the seminal work on fascism by Hanna Arendt has about doubled in recent weeks.  Somebody out there is boning up on Nazism and other fascist type regimes by purchasing this and other books such as “A Handmaids Tale” and “American Fascist: The Christian Right and the War on America.”


I did a quick check on Amazon and found used copies of “Darkness at Noon,” “The Gulag Archipelago” and even “1984” available at very reasonable prices. So interest in books on Stalinist type regimes hasn’t driven prices upwards.  

That first edition of  “The Origins of Totalitarianism” pictured above is priced at $750.  The sudden spike in the price of Arendt’s work is a surprise, considering it’s widely available in .pdf form online for free.

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  1. Does it have pictures, otherwise it can’t be being bought by the Lefties. After 40 years of public education, most of them can’t read above a 5TH grade level.

  2. They should read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Compare Hitler’s manipulation of the mass media and use of the ‘big lie’ with the Clinton years, Obama years and Hillary’s run and just realize how many bullets we have dodged.

    When Senators from Trumps own party (McCain & Grahm to name only 2) break ranks regularly coupled with the fact that the Media hates Trump there is ZERO threat that Trump, even if he wanted to, could overthrow the Republic.

    8 years of Bubba was a warm up for 8 years of Obama and had Hillary, who should be in prison, had had 8 years the Republic would most certainly have died. Thank God that woman lost.

  3. Let’s hope those that are buying and reading them will have enough smarts to tell the difference, when it comes to distinguishing who are the REAL fascists and totalitarians.

  4. I’ve spoken with way TOO many 20 something kids that believe Lincoln was a Demoncrat.
    I hope howard zinn is burning in hell, sadly, his legacy lives on through doped up idiots(kids & “teachers”), incapable of critical thought and void of common sense.

  5. Tried to access the free PDF form of Arendt’s book on-line. No-go. Site was shut down on May 30, 2017. I’m sure that helped spike the going price of the book. Damn.


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