Sulu Blames Chekov

Following a recent accusation alleging George Takei sexually assaulted a man in 1981, the Star Trek actor is placing blame on an unlikely source — the Russians.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Takei on Sunday suggested that Russian bots were amplifying the sexual assault allegations against him, posting a graphic from showing a huge spike in trending topics amongst Russian bots for “Takei” and “George Takei” over the last 48 hours.

A screenshot of Takei’s now-deleted tweet, as posted on Slack.
A screenshot of Takei’s now-deleted tweet, as posted on Slack. Twitter/George Takei/Slack

The actor said on Twitter that the Russians “want to cow me into silence,” adding in a later tweet, which has also since been deleted, that Takei had previously faced cyber attacks from Russian bots after he criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s anti-LGBTQ policies.more

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  1. Well it sounds like we owe the Russians a thank you for getting the word out about an old pervert. They’re helping just like Hillary tweeted– “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.”

  2. This little fag was quick and very vocal about attacking Trump and others. I guess when he feels a little of the same heat he threw on others he squeals like the little pig he is.

  3. Macedonian Content Farmers are notorious for being prejudiced against homosexual Orientals. They never refer to them as gay Asians. This is clearly something that Trump and Putin colluded about when they met up in that Vietnamese brothel to share a golden shower. Why would anyone question this man’s account of his sex life? After all, he’s happily married to another man!

  4. I really don’t care what cuckoo has to say about the Russians or his homosexuality. My give a shit meter has fallen below fart level on this guy.

  5. @Fur, awwwwww, you got me.
    Saw your headline and my first flash thought was Takei is blaming actor Walter Koenig for turning Takei gay. Or something.

  6. Most illogical, Captain.

    One would have surmised by all available evidence that it was Chekhov who had homosexual inclinations, not Sulu

    First Officer Spock
    USS Enterprise

  7. Wow. He’s a gay actor from a famous sci-fi TV show, who talks so much political shit, he was grabbing penises on the Howard Stern show, he’s got his own scandals brewing in hollywod, and he’s SURPRISED people are talking about it? I thought Asians were smart.

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