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‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Plummet to Lowest Levels in 2017

Hannity: The National Football League continued to see its ratings slip over the weekend, with their flagship ‘Sunday Night Football’ game falling to the lowest-levels seen this season, reports Deadline Hollywood.

The head-to-head match-up between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans saw yet another drop in television ratings over the weekend, dipping three points just hours after Vice President Mike Pence stormed out of another NFL game after athletes protested the national anthem.

“In a seemingly ever-escalating political atmosphere for the ratings-battered league, that marks a 3% dip from last week’s [Sunday Night Football] when the Seattle Seahawks beat the Indianapolis Colts 46-18. That is also a season low for SNF in a season that has been mired in controversy and ratings decline,” said the article.  more

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  1. Gosh Wally, who knew there’d be no market for over-paid, privileged, bomb-throwing, fist-pumping, Black radical Communists disrespecting our flag, our National Anthem and our country?

    Yeah Beave, why anybody is in the stadiums anymore is beyond me!

  2. …”‘Sunday Night Football’ game falling to the lowest-levels seen this season”…
    How does this compare to other seasons? In and of itself, the stat is ambiguous. Good, but ambiguous.

  3. Americans stand for their Anthem.
    Anti-Americans don’t.

    Pretty fuckin simple, really.

    If you’re willing to pay (either directly or indirectly) a bunch of millionaire thug ball-twiddlers to insult you, your country, and your culture – then you deserve to be deprived of all that.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. who still watches this disaster ?

    I can’t believe they still can sell tickets and don’t have to give them away to the homeless.

  5. Anheuser Bush is being deluged with calls to consider pulling their ads. To no avail. A.B. is sticking with the NFL.
    Its time to PUSH BACK.
    Call Anheuser Bush. 1 800 342 5282. Select Option #1
    Record your message (Be polite)
    Listen to your message. Correct if necessary.
    Then forward it.
    Time the PUSH BACK folks.

  6. I’d like to see some pics of all the empty seats. It must be looking like a bunch of Hilary campaign rallies by now. Are they busing in bums to fill seats yet?

  7. Budweiser is owned by InBev, a German based company that hates Americans and Trump and supports the muslime poisoning of America. So any American that drinks that garbage is supporting terrorists.

  8. Boycott the NFL and AmBev and save the money. Stock up on ammo which is discounted during hunting season, formerly known as football season.

  9. If you stop and think about it pro football, modern version, is really very boring and
    and dull!

  10. The owners will go under first. They’re all old, doddering has beens who’ve been robbed of the will to fight by their success.

    The inmates are running the courtyard and most have decided that they want all black teams. That’s why you’re seeing Carr, Roethlisberher, and even Brady getting the shit treatment.

    Jameis Winston is a fucking rapist who coined the term “hrab them in the pussy”. He’s a failure as a QB and loved by his team.

  11. To the liberal sites that tell us NFL ticket sales are not down. You’re either misleading assholes or ignorant dopes. Ticket agency’s (Ticketmaster, Ace, etc.) have already bought up most of the tickets and then try and resell them. They’re having a hard time. Attendance is clearly down. Way down, like their TV ratings. This will have a lasting, trickle-down effect that will be felt for years. The NFL has a serious problem on their hands and they know it regardless of how much flack the MSM takes for them.

  12. Well, Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys is shown kneeling with his players. Now that he’s losing his ass, he’s demanding that players stand and if they don’t they aren’t playing. Too late Jerry, you shouldn’t
    have kneeled with them. You showed everyone just who you are. You might be heading to the ghetto along with your kneelers Jerry. THIS IS WHAT WINNING LOOKS LIKE! Break their dinner plate! Gloating again!


  13. They want “equality?” Fine
    Equal amounts of whites, blacks, hispanics and oriental players on each team AND equal pay for all team members.

  14. the longer players continue to kneel, raise black power fists and disrespect the flag the better for our grassroots boycott. Public opinion has turned against the players and their too ignorant to realize it. The owners know that but they have painted themselves into a corner. I don’t think there is a lot of Mensa candidates playing pro football.

  15. Jemele Hill (somehow) makes a living discussing sports. She’s essentially calling for a boycott of sports. It’s like owning stock in a corporation but telling people not to buy one of their products.

    Brilliant! I’m happy to oblige. In fact, there’ll be no more anything NFL for me, Jemele. Good luck with your ratings.


    They have millions of dollars, lawyers, are connected to their communities, have lots of free time after the season, and what do they do with all their resources?

    Do they attend city council meetings? Meet with police & fire commissions, mayors, legislators, and understand procedures and change understanding between cops and citizens?

    NO! Fuck no!

    They take a knee during our anthem hoping someone else does all the heavy lifting.

    Stupid idiots! ACT like you went to college.

  17. A bunch of big, sweaty mens chasing each other around a field … I don’t really see how it could get any better than that … unless they did it nekkid!

    Oooooo … if da Moose seez this I’ll get punished!
    I love being punished by the Moose!
    Better’n bein gagged by Reggie!

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