‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Tank … Again

Breitbart: In the wake of the horror story coming out of Las Vegas, where early reports tell us a number of police officer have been killed or wounded while trying to save others, these ongoing NFL protests, which are in part targeted against police officers, might take on an entirely new dimension of outrage among a vast majority of Americans already disgusted with these millionaire crybabies and their petulant activism.

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  1. It can’t go low enough for me. Less than 24 hours after first responders ran toward a madman with automatic weapons the NFL still has National Anthem responders sitting and locking arms in unity. Those guys can go to hell!

  2. Just remember: the left does not think that citizens need to have weapons because we have they police to protect them. The left also wants police to be disarmed because they go around killing over 400 blacks a year in Chicago alone (oh wait, it’s blacks who do that, but who am I to challenge a narrative). And leftist government officials allow ANTIFA to go unchecked pretty much anywhere it goes.

    This is just to remind you what the score is.

  3. We have to use leftist “collectivism” against the NFL. Fight fire with fire…..Alinsky style.

    Collectively stop watching, paying, and supporting the sport on a national and local level. Demonize these fucks until they either cry uncle, or are forced to flip burgers.

    If nobody consumes their product, they’ll be forced out of business.

    Supply & demand 101 – A capitalist principle embraced successfully by conservative thinking people since time began.

  4. “Compared to this same week last year, viewership fell two percent.”

    2%? If that’s the best we can do then we’ve lost

  5. Davy – My understanding is their financial losses are closer to 20%, but regardless of the amount, the damage has already been done. Whether it is a loss of viewership or revenue that makes them all of sudden “respect” the Flag, the National Anthem and the Country, fuck ’em! I don’t want anything to do with them! They’re adults. They should have known better beforehand. All it takes is a little character. Not only that, but it’s in the rule book. They just don’t have the balls to enforce what they themselves wrote! All they’ve managed to do is demonstrate to the Nation what cowardly little boys they truly are!

  6. By Thursday night, locking arms and kneeling will be for equal justice and remembrance of the Las Vegas victims.

    /#NFLPR, nailed it!

  7. Let em go bankrupt, especially Steelers. That POS Dan Rooney came out huge for the commie racist Kenyan in 07-08. The Kenyan is THE source of this warped sentiment that whitey is conspiring to beat down all black people. The Kenyan destroyed race relations in this country. The POS Rooney helped bring this commie rat to the fore.

  8. Apparently there is a photo on Facebook now of the pilots of the N.O. Saints’ plane taking a knee and walking away from the aircraft while the players look on stupidly.

  9. The NFL is 75 to 82 per cent black yet the percentage of blacks as a population in America is 14%. Who’s the racist?

  10. I read several KC Cheifs sat on the bench last night and the fans booed the shit out of them. Anyone see the negro power salute photo ofCam Newton for his touchdown celebration on Sunday?

  11. Just because their former president couldn’t spell respect doesn’t mean they can change the meaning to suit their ends. Many of those in prisons say they are innocent but that doesn’t make it so. Proper respect is still respect and those that do not show respect to the flag and National Anthem are not entitled to any for their disrespectful actions.

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