Super Bowl Ad Inspired by Colin Kaepernick Rejected by NFL

The Pluralist:

The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals claims the National Football League pressured the network airing the Super Bowl to reject its Colin Kaepernick-inspired ad.

PETA’s features several animals kneeling while the “The Star Spangled Banner” is hummed in the background. more

10 Comments on Super Bowl Ad Inspired by Colin Kaepernick Rejected by NFL

  1. Good move NFL but you’re still dead to me. Should have rejected kneeling from the start. You were the employer and the kneelers were your employees.

  2. Oh, puuuuuleez. NFL has gone hell. Zero interest in them. No longer know a single player, know even less about their teams. Colon Krapper is fulla shit. Disgusting, ungrateful loser. Will pay attention when all those stadiums are demolished. Demolition videos are more exciting than the NFL.

  3. The Hy Vee cashier, today, asked me if I was gonna watch the Stupor Bowl. I live in MO, so it’s supposed to be some kind of big deal. I shook my head and said, “No”.

    This has nothing to do with Caperdick, but even 20 years ago I wouldn’t have watched this garbage for double-time pay. I wouldn’t have even watched it for the double-time pay of 3 years ago.

  4. If the 49ers win he will look like an Idiot.

    It would justify the splinters in his ass from riding the pines until he was let go and not picked up specifically because he & his “nessa” could not shut up.

    I will watch. Mute the commercials & the half time shit show with the two chicken pluckers singing.


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