Super Computer Modeling Reveals Covid-19 is Not a Naturally Occurring Virus


Simulations conducted by Oracle supercomputing revealed COVID-19 to be “highly adapted” for human infection, discrediting the claim of the virus counting natural origins through a spillover event from wildlife to humans.

Very quickly, he had a result – and it was a result that caused him a great deal of angst. “Strangely, humans came out at the very top of the list.” Petrovsky pauses. “That was not what we were expecting, as the animal host from which the virus had been transmitted should have been at the top of the list. This presented a puzzle as the data suggested the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein had uniquely evolved to bind and infect cells expressing human ACE2. Normally with a new pandemic virus, whatever species that virus originally came from would be the best fit and the virus would initially only half fit the human lock but then mutate over time to try and become a better fit. A virus should not be able to evolve to be a perfect fit for a lock it has never seen, and yet this is what the data was telling us. The virus spike protein looked like it couldn’t have been better designed to fit the human ACE2. Go figure.”

“Notably, SARS-CoV-2 spike protein had the highest overall binding energy for human ACE2, greater than all the other tested species including bat, the postulated source of the virus. This indicates that SARS-CoV-2 is a highly adapted human pathogen,” noted the paper.


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  1. Also, people are now convinced that SARS-Cov-2 is the only Corona virus with “spike proteins” and that COVID tests actually detect those spikes. If you told people that those little spikes were like jellyfish stingers that injected venom into your cells, they’d believe that, too.

    Live in fear of the spikes!

    (Maybe the Cabal is right. We need to reduce the excess population.)

  2. Well, it looks like Fauci is too big to jail.

    Our congressional oversight functions remind me of that ad for a data security company; they compare themselves to their competitors by pointing out they actually do something for you besides merely “detecting” a data breach.

    Under Fauci, CCP was funded with American tax-paid dollars to rain down an engineered virus that has crippled our nation in every imagineable way without spending a single warhead.

  3. He defused it for you. That’s what Omicron is, God made a vaccine for Man’s foolishness.

    You’re welcome.

    Oh, you didn’t thank Him. And you didn’t trust Him in the first place.

    Well, He’s used to that.

    He just makes His sign and you can do what you want with it.

    But you really SHOULD read His word and trust Him instead of men, you’ll be happier now and WAY happier when you get to eternity…

  4. ^^ that’s SUPPOSED to be God’s Press Secretary.

    God makes His sign, not blog posts.

    He thinks you all are silly, but he won’t back away from that whole “Free Will” thing for some reason…

  5. OMG,this is the 3rd time I’m sick with,..WTF ! No one can never ever breathe on me again, 10 ft , step away from the pusy, do not touch me you vile vermit.

  6. The Wuhan virus was a direct biological attack on the USA and other western countries by the CCP requiring a obliteratingly all-out devastating attack to set an example of what happens afterward.

    Don’t expect retard Brandon to understand.

    Hunter will be paid enough to forget about it.

  7. Thank you all for waking the H$ll up. Now you know how some of us felt when we tried to tell you that a few thousand gallons of kerosene cannot remotely pulverize 1/2 million TONs of steel and concrete. (About 1 drop of fuel per pound of Twin Tower stuff)
    Or when we tried to tell you that there was no possible way 1960’s vacuum tube tech could get us to the moon. My specialty was vacuum testing and high voltage. There was never any kind of vacuum test of a space suit. To this day, 60 years later, Nasa still cannot make a “real” space suit.
    So many stories we all believe. What about cancer cures? What about “self-driving” ? What about “Gold Standard”? Pick the topic, see the fraud.

  8. @AbigailAdams December 27, 2021 at 12:49 pm

    > an engineered virus that has crippled our nation


    Not one virus has pulled a gun on a private enterprise, and forced them to shut down, for Amazon.

    Not one virus has hired a regime loyalist, “enemy” of the people (I know, groveler, I know: they call the people “enemy”, but that doesn’t make them “enemies” of the people), to “flatten the curve”.

    Not one virus has booked trillions of fake dollars to the billionaires that were allowed to continue doing what the slaves were denied, for the slaves to work off.

  9. Brad, I think we have a real gamer here in LasVegasBrad…
    He is the cray-cray exacta of Moon Landing & 9/11 Truther.
    Yep, vacuum tube technology didn’t exist in 1969 even though I witnessed the moon landing ON A VACUUM TUBE CATHODE-RAY TUBE…
    DOH! Narrative: FATALITY!

  10. Da ude,

    A TWAT. Traveling wave guide amplifying tube. That’s what they called them before the womenz joined the club. Now they call them TWT’s. Built bunch of them. Not sure LV Brad is the problem here. But fuck me I’m sober. LOL. That Anon pussy is asking for it.

  11. Loco, I don’t consider myself a truther, but I have yet to hear or read an explanation that makes sense regarding Building 7.

  12. Loco
    We might both be a little angry about the state of our country and how the Nerds we new in High School are now trying to over throw the country. Like Peppermint Patty. I’ll bet that bitch has never seen a real dick. Only rubber ones. Black.

  13. joe6, WTC-7 burned for eight hours after 767 sized aircraft engines & parts crashed through the roof.
    Two 110 story buildings within it’s footprint had crashed around it.
    The structural design was very similar to the towers.
    Flame retardant should protect a building structure, but not if it has been hit by aircraft & parts and knocked off.
    A bunch of structural engineers explained the three buildings falling and why many years back.

    BTW, Nobody has ever been able to answer this:
    “Why would the “inside job” guys implode WTC-7 if it wasn’t going to be hit by aircraft?”
    Seriously, why wire THAT building for implosion?
    Why knock it down?
    Did the bad guys say “man, what will REALLY fire up the American people and let us go to war is by taking down A BUILDING 99.9999999999% OF THE WORLD EVEN KNEW EXISTED!
    Who the fuck knew WTC-7 EXISTED?
    Come on man!

    Also, why would they crash a plane in Shanksville if it was all planned?

  14. We wouldn’t have gone to war had WTC-7 stood is kind of bizarre if you ask me.

    Must have been the straw that broke…

    “You can kill thousands of Americans but World Trade Center 7 is inexcusable!”

  15. You’re the one that brought up Building 7, not me. I only used your reference to help me say I don’t trust any of the TRAITOROUS BASTARDS that have been lying to us for decades, if not more.

  16. joe6 I can do both distrust the govt AND decide what is bullshit and what is real.

    I wasn’t blasting you, just asking why you thought WTC-7 was required for the whole thing to work?
    Nobody can ever say why?
    Just shows how preposterous the whole thing is.

  17. Loco, how do you decide what is real when crucial information is withheld from us lowly peons? You can blast me all you want, but I think you jumped to conclusions on what you think I believe.

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