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Super Spreader

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  1. TRF January 12, 2022 at 9:42 am

    Looks like a scene right outta the Wuhan Test Lab…

    It is a scene from Wuhan lab. That’s Fauki Fauci doing the deed! Ironic that Fauci is in white and the morbidly obese woman is in black and white. Her death spray…..

  2. NIdahoCatholic -love your new word, “Novusordoism.”

    “novus ordo seclorum”

    But some Catholics think it is. Like the Pope.

  3. General Malaise – The “Novus Ordo” Mass was introduced by Pope Paul VI in 1969. It and the Second Vatican council is an ongoing asteroid strike. I assist only at the Tridentine Latin Mass – the real deal, non-diluted, full strength Catholicism. See FSSP or SSPX.

  4. Someone has photo shopped the super soaker into the priest’s hand for this. In the original picture, he is just using a small squirt gun to “baptize” the baby. Somehow, I think the original is more absurd, because it really happened.

  5. This is just the way the disciples proscribed baptism in the handbook ( snicker, snicker).

    And we all know how the Catholic church got that right.


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