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Super Tuesday Surprise

Scuzzfeed is reporting that the NY Times might have an audio recording that could damage Donald Trump.

What is it?

It’s an off the record comment that Trump supposedly made about immigration.

Legal Insurrection reported that Trump visited the editorial offices to make his pitch for the paper’s endorsement, which all the candidates do.

Gail Collins, who was there, wrote this about the visit:

The most optimistic analysis of Trump as a presidential candidate is that he just doesn’t believe in positions, except the ones you adopt for strategic purposes when you’re making a deal. So you obviously can’t explain how you’re going to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants, because it’s going to be the first bid in some future monster negotiation session.

What Gail Collins is writing here is that SHE HOPES Trump’s stance is for strategic purposes. Reread it everybody. She’s not saying that she heard Trump say anything contradictory, she saying the most “optimistic analysis” is that he doesn’t believe in his positions.

Ben Smith goes on to say:

Sources familiar with the recording and transcript — which have reached near-mythical status at the Times — tell me that the second sentence is a bit more than speculation. It reflects, instead, something Trump said about the flexibility of his hardline anti-immigration stance.

So Ben Smith heard from someone that Trump indicated that he has “flexibility” on his hardline ANTI-IMMIGRATION stance.

Get that? ANTI-IMMIGRATION. This is not about illegal-immigration, it’s about immigration.

So Trump may have flexibility in his immigration stance, and the NY Times won’t release this bombshell unless Trump agrees. Great. Let’s wait.

Now, let’s cut to Ted Cruz. And folks, this is exactly my problem with Cruz, a candidate that I will support if he wins the primary.


“Apparently there is a secret tape that the New York Times editorial board has of Donald Trump saying that he doesn’t believe what he’s saying on immigration, saying that all of his promises to secure the border are not real and if he’s president he doesn’t intend to do what he said.”

Where in Shatner’s Hairpiece did Cruz extrapolate all of this utter garbage and bullsh!t from the Buzzfeed story?

Trump doesn’t believe what he’s saying on immigration? Where is that in this story?

All of his promises to secure the border are not real? Where is that in this story?

And if he’s president he doesn’t intend to do what he said? Where is that in this story?

Where is any of what Cruz says mentioned in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER-LIKE story?

Cruz just fleshes it out, willy-nilly and fills in the massive gaps with his own fantasies.

But he’s a man of integrity.

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  1. Trump just double dog dared them to produce the recording. I could be wrong. I was wrong once, I thought I was wrong, but I was actually right. So I was wrong for thinking I was wrong, when I was I actually right. So this is absolutely GOP Bull Shit. Maybe.

  2. You have to discount this.
    The New York Times have been in the tank for the GOPe for, like forever just like everyone else that doesn’t idolize him.

  3. Damn funny. Go ahead release it. The attention span of the average voter is about a mila second and only after it’s made it’s was to Instagram. Yea I call Bull Shit.

  4. Hey if there is nothing there then why wouldn’t Trump demand they release it because then it makes him look even better.

    Case Closed. No argument about what or if there is something because with it released everyone would see for themselves.

    But hey, let’s twist and turn defending Trump and trying to slam everyone else, he’s just that important……

  5. Completely loathe that putrid detestable smug fucking lying Gail Collins. So David Duke put out a video saying he NEVER ENDORSED Donald Trump. This “endorsement” has been a completely fabricated and orchestrated smear from media, Dems and GOPe. David Duke has far more integrity than 99% of media and politicians. Why is he any more racist than blacks demanding whitey be punished? David Duke has a PhD in history–why is he a pariah and DeRay McKesson is a fucking hero?

  6. Of course, if there is something in that interview then the best time to release it will be around July/August once it has no impact other then to dispirit Trump voters.

    This whole idea of how we must believe that Trump did or didn’t say this or that, that anytime Trump says something liberal or missteps and puts his foot in his mouth, that he did it because of some grand strategy to get this other group of voters. The lengths some are willing to go to defend this man are fast becoming almost silly.

    If this were any other candidate there would be a full throated demand for the transcript or the audio otherwise only the worst would be accepted about this interview for that candidate, but because it is Trump somehow it makes sense that he would never say anything that might reflect badly on his candidacy and so “there is nothing to see here, move along”.

    This really is new politics, but it sure looks like the old politics only as it was practiced by the other side. How did we lose our way so badly…..

  7. Small hands, orange skin, liar, doesn’t know who David duke is, desires sex with his daughter or would if it was OK, just recently became a “republican”….. Perfect!

  8. Woody,
    what do you think of Cruz’s statement?

    You think his statement accurately depicts what we KNOW of this story?
    Where in the world did he get all that stuff from?

  9. It’s depressing that the Trump haters didn’t read one thing I wrote and just launched into their attack.

    Nothing about the part about this being about immigration, not ILLEGAL immigration? Ted Cruz launched into a full-throated attack saying Trump is lying about illegal immigration and the wall and the border.

    When did the NY Times say they have Trump saying anything about the border?

    Cruz then ends with his coup de gras, “if he’s president he doesn’t intend to do what he said.”

    Where did he get that?

    Is it fair to say Cruz is a bit of an exaggerator, if not a liar?

    I’d like to hear people weigh in on this.

  10. BFH,

    I had not seen what you posted about Cruz’s statement before, so my only opinion is that he is campaigning and thinks getting this released will help him. As such he is pushing hard by trying to press Trump’s buttons.

    Do I agree with the tactic? NO.

    Personally I prefer a campaign built on facts and good solid plans, but I learned long ago that it just doesn’t work that way. As such I leave campaigning up to the candidates and I just look at their positions and whether they stick to them and how well they have done in the past sticking to them.

    If Cruz’s rhetoric is a problem for you then I can understand your point, but don’t consider it the same for me because while he may be rather fast and loose with the hyperbole Trump’s history would seem to suggest it could be a possibility.

  11. I have to admit that I am more than a bit disappointed in Cruz for getting in the mud with Trump.
    I also believe that by doing so he has ended his chance of winning.

  12. A bit like Romney declaring the Trump tax returns hold some bombshells. [bombshells. wtf?] Here’s His Mittster, again:

    “Another #bombshell? Trump should authorize the @nytimes to release the transcript of his ed board interview,” Romney tweeted, including the hashtag “#WhatIsHeHiding.”

  13. What you right doesn’t matter. If Cruz ordered Boom and Woody to slit their wrists length wise at the official Cruz alter they would gladly do it. It becoming a cult where logic is void. Maybe after 7 years of a rain of terror on conservatives by the Obamanation this should have been predictable. Not sure. But for those of us still in the fight, either say something ligical, link something that’s verifiable, or shut the hell up. Boom, jpeg cartoons don’t count

  14. Cruz has fucked his opportunity all up. I’m no political strategist but I expect the so called experts will look back at this campaign and have nothing good to say.

  15. Fur, I declared a media black-out at our place starting last night for this very reason. Listening, reading or talking about all this stuff in the run up to the SEC is like an epileptic deciding to check out the strobe light thingy.

    There’s only one or two things I need to know: Was the ‘leak’ coming from the media? Who does it benefit. If the answers are ‘yes’ and ‘the Uniparty/GOPe’ then I know it is absolutely nothing more than another desperate attempt to break Trump’s back.

    Will it dissuade Trump voters? No.

  16. Actually, Brad, I felt Woody’s comment was honest and thoughtful.

    JohnS too. I agree with the both of them. No one is as good as we think, and only some are as bad as what’s suspected.

    I fully understand people’s trepidation with Trump.
    I said long ago that it is a leap of faith and I don’t blame people for not wanting to make it.

    My mind can be changed on Trump. My eyes are not glazed over.

    Cruz supporters may think my comments on Cruz are ATTACKS, they are not.

    Just like I’m not all-in on Trump to the point where he “could shoot someone and I’d support him,” I just want Cruz people to not be all-in on him either and admit when he is a bit oily.

    This episode with Trump actually exposes a part of Cruz that I’d been talking about.
    In light of this “hyperbole” do you think it was beneath him to do to Carson what he denies he did?

    Cruz is slick and sneaky.
    It doesn’t disqualify him in my book, but I’d like Cruz supporters to just admit this side of him.

    Now, Boom, on the other hand… who knows what he’ll say.

  17. AA,

    If the NY Times releases a tape and it has Trump actually admitting that he’s saying one thing in public and another in private, and if he says anything about his stances just “tough talk during an election” or anything like that – I’m cutting Trump loose.

    The people on iOTWreport have my word on that.

  18. If Trump does shoot someone I hope it’s a high value NWO target.

    I said it a while back: I. Am. Not. Ringing. The. Bell. (And I know I’ve got a lot of company.)

  19. Woody’s comment was obvious and thoughtful. Unfortunately it lacked any logic. I think JohnS like to play devils advocate but he’s logical. I’m watching FOX right now and the just gave actually 20 minutes to tell everyone what a liberal Trump is, now Megan Kelly’s on accusing him of being a KKK member and being a racist. I’m getting a head ache. We need to realize this for what it is. Full on attack on Trump by the GOP. Man I hate Kelly.

  20. As opposed to the Trump cult? come on wake up! This guy is toying with you and you’re all a bunch of suckers.

    This is embarrassing.

  21. Fur, How hard can it be given the torrent of words spoken by the guy over the last 45 years to piece together a reasonable facsimile of him saying something that just happens to blow up his campaign on the eve of a block of elections that has just about every pundit out there saying he’s got a lock on it?

    Think about it? Which group is in favor of Trump besides the American people who want national sovereignty and to see an America for Americans again? Not a single one. And which group stands the most to lose with a Trump presidency; one that wasn’t bought and owes nothing to no one? All of them. What lengths would they go, short of assassination, to eliminate him? It’s not out of the realm of possibility that somewhere, someone did the splicing job of their career.

  22. AA,
    I’m not discussing whether this is a conspiracy against Trump, it could very well be.

    I’m just saying that IF there is a tape of Trump saying that his rhetoric for the public is different from his private beliefs, I’m not supporting that guy.

    And if that makes people uncomfortable, that I could even float the possibility that a tape could exist, and what my reaction would be to a hypothetical situation, then I don’t know what to say.

    Personally, is there a line Trump could cross that would cause you to cut him loose?

  23. “#NeverNOTTrump is as crazy as #NeverTrump in my opinion”

    Absolutely, let the people’s voices be heard. But that’s not what is about to happen. We are about to be manipulated up the XSS. By our GOP.

  24. Hi, my name is Crazy. Look, if I’ve said it once I’ve said it at least a couple dozen times. Trump is the only person outside this big, hairy, effed-up pile of crap we generously call “the government.” The only one who is not taking money in exchange for superPAC goon squads and quid pro quo. He’s going to put an end to it all starting tomorrow. I barely need faith to vote for him. It’s too ridiculously obvious that unless another guy with Trump’s money and platform decides to run (in four years), he’s our best hope of ever winning another election over the Left.

    Go back and read what the opposition said and did to Reagan.

  25. Personally, is there a line Trump could cross that would cause you to cut him loose

    I want to take a shot at that question before I pack it in. This election is out of control, so contorted, so contrived, I would need proof he said it. The GOP is responsible. And it’s all about the money train. Like Sessions said, time to destroy the Oligarchy.

  26. BB – Great response. And I would add that I absolutely know what I am getting with everyone else. Would a physician tell you it’s okay to leave “just a little bit” of the cancer in there?

  27. So Trump COULD shoot someone on 5th Ave.??

    Brad, AA,
    we’re talking about IF the NY Times releases a tape with Trump saying he’s only talking tough about a wall to get elected, would you cut him loose?

    Please stop arguing this intellectually dishonestly.

    We wake up tomorrow and THERE IS A TAPE released with Trump saying that he’s saying one thing to get elected but will govern another way-
    would you cut him loose?

  28. It is conceivable that Trump could do or say something that would cause me to cut him loose. But here’s the conundrum. Who do we support then? Cruz is a proven liar and way over his head. Rubio is a GOP RINO hack and again way over his head. Carson, love the guy and would vote for him in a heart beat. It would be a wasted vote. And Rands out. Not a lot of good choices. I hope we’re not that screwed.
    I will vote for the last guy standing on our side. No matter. I

  29. Fur — My final answer: There’s no way in heaven or hell I would believe a tape of Trump saying something so flat out opposite of what he’s been stumping on for seven months. No way. From the NYT’s least of all. This is the NYTs who put an anti-Trump EDITORIAL on the front page. Just so I’m clear: I have no reason to trust and every reason to not trust the media when it comes to what Trump thinks or says.

    I’m so angry at what the treasonous media will do to destroy this country. If it made financial sense and the logistics worked, the NYTs would relo to another country in a heartbeat.

  30. This REEKS of the same
    “rumor/fear of the unknown”
    as Harry Reid’s NEVER PROVEN claim
    about Mitt Romney’s tax problems.

    The SOLE intent is to cause confusion and doubt.

    Stick to the FACTS, folks!
    “I AM Spartacus JOE FRIDAY!”

  31. Gail Collins is a crunt. She used to write for the Daily News, and I loathed her then. Of course, I don’t read her anymore, because:

    “I wouldn’t wipe my ass with the Times.”

    –Jeannette W. Yonkers (Mom)

    Also, why is it that Obama gets all the “flexibility” he wants in his second term, and no one calls him on it, while Trump can’t do any tweaks to his announced policy without major fallout?

  32. What?! A candidate actually not believing in the promises he makes in order to get himself elected? I’m shocked – SHOCKED! – to hear that such a thing could be possible…!


  33. Thanks for the compliment BFH. While I support Cruz at present I am not about to commit completely to a candidate and for the reason given previously.

    I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee only because the other two choices, whichever makes it to the general, are pure socialists.

    What seems to sum up the Trump supporters position above is that they either won’t believe that Trump could lie or fall back on the old line of “who else would we vote for because the rest are crap”. So in the end they seem incapable of leaving Trump even if he bold face lied to them and wasn’t even going to do what he promised them and to what they use as one of the main reasons to support him.

    This seems to prove that the choice being made here is based largely on emotion and the need to “hurt the establishment” rather than logical, well thought out, support of a candidate.

    I just pray that in the end, if Trump is who we end up with, that he lives up to what has been assigned him as his positions by his supporters. I fear he will not and then the real anger will boil over into our fragile civil society.

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