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Super Zero

There is only one denizen of Hollyweird strange enough to think a white batman outfit is just the thing to wear to a wedding. But when it’s a Kardashian wedding, who can blame a guy for going to extremes to make a freak show on himself?

“I’m just expressing how I feel inside, which is really no particular way because everyday it changes how I feel about the world and myself, but I like wearing super drapey things so I can feel as though I’m a super hero, but don’t have to necessarily wear super hero costumes everyday,”

So we’ve got that to be thankful for. Think this kid is a little taken with himself?



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  1. He also wears dresses. Like Susan Sarandon’s adult son.
    I think in Will Smith’s son’s case, it’s drugs and bad parenting. Remember his sister had a picture on Twitter (underaged) with a shirtless dude in bed? WTG mom and dad!

    I don’t know what the hell Susan’s kid’s problem is. probably because it’s Susan’s kid. lol

  2. When Earth orbits Kim’s ass, normalcy is Brucelyn Jenner, and Kanye West is music, a batman costume is actually pretty tame for the event; I’m surprised he was noticed at all.

  3. “Na na na na, na na, na na,
    Na na na na, na na, na na,
    – Batshit!”

    (as in crazy, that is)


  4. This is what feral child rearing by nannies in Hollywood looks like. How proud Will and his wife must be!

    I think that they should all take a road trip through the heartland dressed like idiots. Make sure to not have GPS on and drive on through to a Mexi cartel camp trained by ISIS.

    Now that would be a reality show.

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