Supermoon 2016 Photos – IOTW Report

Supermoon 2016 Photos


Supermoon 2016: Stunning photographs show incredible sights as the moon is the closest to the Earth it has been for 68 years.

Go see!


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  1. Man, the moon last night was beautiful here over w Texas. Huge and bright.

  2. All my pictures looked like rain.

  3. If you saw it in a city, it was “meh.” Out by my parents it was supposedly amazing. Here? Meh. It looked the way a full moon is supposed to look. I feel cheated.

  4. The problem with viewing the supermoon is you need to catch it near the horizon to get the full effect. If you’re anywhere urban, without a clear view of the horizon, it’s big but not huge. If it’s 12 o’clock high, it looks just like any other full moon.

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  6. I saw both views, one close to the horizon as it was rising in the west and once about six hours later as it was overhead. Both were incredible. The horizon shot it looked huge and had an orange hue to it while the overhead was brighter then I had ever seen it before. It was nice to see knowing that I’ll never catch that again.

  7. Noticed the last couple of nights when I let my dogs out it was so bright I didn’t even need to use a flashlight.

    I get better moon pictures when there is some shadow on the craters. Full moon pics don’t have that.

  8. Don’t want to split hairs but the moon was just as close last month and every month before that all the way back to 1948 and beyond. It so happened that it was full this time. There have been many full moons since, just not at perigee (closest approach) and many very nearly as bright being just a tad further than perigee. Pretty meh, actually without any way to compare with a “regular” full moon. Yep, big and bright just like the last full moon I saw.

    A much more stunning visual can be had next summer (21 Aug) when a total eclipse of the sun traces a path from OR to SC. A bucket list item of mine that I plan to be in the path of totality for. Another in TX in 2024 with an annular (ring of fire) eclipse also in TX in 2023, IIRC.

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