Suppressors Are Not Silent

Say it one more time, for the Liberals out there.


Politicians in the United States love to engage in knee-jerk reactions to current events to grab headlines, attention, and fool a few gullible voters into supporting them during the next election cycle. When that knee-jerk reaction is tied to a hot-button topic, like gun control, mixed with a presidential election in less than a year and a half away, and you have a recipe for turning massively dumb ideas into political reality.

The lasted knee-jerk reaction is coming via the recent Virginia Beach mass shooting. A disgruntled municipal worker with reported workplace violence issues reportedly submitted his two-week notice to quit his job. That same day, he showed up at the workplace and killed 12 co-workers before dying in a gun battle with police.

New reports indicate the shooter used two .45-caliber handguns with high-capacity magazines. One of the pistols reportedly was equipped with a suppressor, which has the anti-gun crowd in a tizzy.

After all, television programs and the movies make the uninformed believe a suppressor reduces the volume to about the level of shooting a spit-wad out of a plastic straw. The reality, though, is quite different.

The first notion to dispel is that of a “silencer.” A suppressor does not “silence” a firearm. Those sounds you hear when people fire “silenced” firearms in movies and TV programs are fake and in no way reflect reality.

The simple fact is, even a suppressed firearm makes enough noise to drown out most any other loud noise. A suppressed firearm also can cause hearing damage and pain.


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  1. IIRC, suppressors reduce the sound level by 20-30 db, meaning a normal 155 db gunshot (measured to one side near the muzzle) is reduced to 130 db.

    130 db is VERY VERY LOUD.

  2. The “High Capacity” magazines should hold 100 rounds each, right?
    In this instance. 10 rounds as opposed to eight is high capacity.
    Much less drama with facts.*
    *presupposing a military grade .45 auto

    Uncle Al: maybe they should be called quieter.

  3. It’s TV and has been going around since “The Man from Uncle” was popular. I’m not sure how you’ll change that except by spending lottsa dough on regular 30 sec spots (TV and the Net) that show the difference.
    I also read someplace that on a .45 a “high capacity magazine” would only add something like 3 rounds. I bet the public thinks it would add 30. Again, misinformation that the left encourages and repeats.
    The story itself is being allowed to die (excepts) where it benefits gun control) because the shooter was a black man with a history or workplace problems who passed ll the checks needed to gain a weapon.

  4. Has anyone but the po-leece seen the perp’s “silencer” or a compensator been mistaken for one? Has the ATF weighed in as to whether the shooter indeed had a legal “silencer”??

    I smell bullshit…

  5. Depends on the gun, caliber, and ammunition.

    A Welrod is in the lower 70DB range, which means you are unlikely to notice it in any populated area where the general noise level is probably higher.

    In any event, I am unaware of any shooting crimes where the pretense or absence of a silencer -yes that is the legal term and what Hiram Maxim called his when he patented it- was integral to the commission of the crime. Most shooters aren’t James Bond, CIA or KGB agents, or SAS operatives.

  6. Why would it make the slightest difference if it was 155 dB or -10 dB? Someone pointing something and people falling to the ground should immediately be met with force… I don’t care if it’s a fookin’ sling shot.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  7. ‘Disgruntled government employee’, most government employees have a cushy job, I wonder what pissed him off so much.
    Maybe he only got 5 weeks of vacation time instead of 6, or maybe his job was too cushy and he was bored to death…..who knows?

  8. The BATFEIEIO uses the term “Silencer” in their documentation. The goober mint is first in line to dispense propaganda with false wordage. Kinda like the term “Civil War.”

  9. Bayouwulf, that’s what everyone called ’em back in 1934. “Gotta control them things so crime will go away…”

  10. It takes 9 months to get a permit for ONE suppressor.
    The permit costs $200 up front.
    Only YOU can use that suppressor. If anyone else is shooting that suppressed gun, you have to be with them.
    You MUST carry a copy of your permit with you every time you carry/shoot the gun.
    If you get caught with an illegal home made suppressor or one that you don’t have a permit for the penalty starts at $20,000 fine and 2 years in jail. It can go up from there.
    You also have a hefty legal fee from your lawyer.

    If you are willing to go through all this then I have my doubt that crime is your intention.

  11. “The simple fact is, even a suppressed firearm makes enough noise to drown out most any other loud noise.”

    Horse shit.

    One of my “pet peeves” is when Second Amendment supporters lie in response to lies that are spread by the anti-Second Amendment left. Suppressors of varying quality and level of sound suppression are available. Most of the larger and decent quality more compact ones are quite effective at reducing the report to near insignificance.

  12. High capacity 1911’s The amount of rounds in the magazine depends on the caliber of the 1911 a 9 mm Double stack magazine can hold as many as 18-20 rounds a .40 caliber is 16 rounds A 45 ACP is about 15 rounds these are NOT extended magazines Extended magazines could add additional rounds. But to the media anything more than 6 rounds (revolver capacity) is considered high capacity.

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