Supreme Court 6-3 Decision Eliminates Concealed Carry Restriction – IOTW Report

Supreme Court 6-3 Decision Eliminates Concealed Carry Restriction

And State Defiance.

In this video I discuss another major win. Another states concealed carry law passed in defiance of the Supreme Court’s NYSRPA v. Bruen decision has been blocked!
h/t Brad.

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  1. Washington Topical

    President Trump has a new interview with RSBN on Rumble.
    38 minute stream, interview starts at 16 min in.
    You know the place . . .

    rumble com/427zyva-rsbn-exclusive-interview-with-president-donald-j.-trump-from-mar-a-lago.html

    Very topical interview.

  2. OT, we are thinking about all our brothers and sisters who live in the Northeast, I’m looking at foxweather and it has temps of minus 20 to minus 40 for the next few days.

    I’m bitching when it’s 30 degrees here in the mornings when I walk the dogs. You guys are just badass to live in those conditions.

  3. Yeah, but is is February all ready and we’re only a month away from good weather!

    Meanwhile CC is always in season except in the winter I can hide a bigger weapon…

  4. We recently had weather warm enough to bring many crawfish out of the ground. It’s back to being cold (at least for here) but Spring will be knocking on our door soon enough. It stayed in the 40’s all day today and we’ve had a lot of rain lately.

  5. I could get up the driveway in the ice… and the fucking snow.

    Now it’s mud. Fucking Missouri mud. Nothing doing.

  6. Way to wreck a good topic Rich. LOL. JK.
    However you are a Cali neighbor. Yesterday, at about the same time this story broke, that idiot Newsom announced they were passing a bill to crack down on Conceal Carry do to the recent mass shootings. What a stupid ass. I hope this ruling stops his dumb ass.


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